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A Community of Healing

The majority of people who have autoimmune disease are smart women who have always been the kind of woman to “get things done.” But it’s this “do it” attitude that often gets them in trouble because they ignore the signs their body has been giving them (sometimes for many many years) and push through when they needed another approach.

This then causes mental, emotional, and physical inflammation, which leads to symptoms, damage, and disease. And often, this causes isolation, fear, anxiety, and pain… with no real answers on how to undo the issues and patterns that got them there in the first place.

In a tribe of other total healing focused people, with built in support and accountability structures, you not only get the personalized answers you’ve been searching for on what caused these issues in the first place, you get there faster and more effectively than you ever would on your own.

So, for all of the research you’ve been doing on your own, alone, without true expert support and guidance, you may have in fact compounded the core reasons why you have symptoms, and added fuel to the fire by increasing harmful, inflammatory stress.

This creates two problems for people with autoimmune conditions and related symptoms:

  1. The first problem is isolation. Humans are naturally wired for connection and relationship. There is a primal need to be part of a “tribe” as part of our survival instinct. Whenever we feel alone, outcast, or separate from our tribe, it causes anxiety and fear in the primal part of the brain. This causes us to question ourselves, worry about our future, and fear survival. This is why so many people with autoimmune disease describe their biggest goal as “to feel normal.” The more isolated or alone people feel, the further they get from healing. Being part of a tribe of others on a similar mission to heal can help fulfill this primal need and propel your healing journey even faster.
  2. The second problem is a lack of expert support. Following blanket advice not designed for you or from people who do not understand or do not have expertise in autoimmune healing can keep you stuck exactly where you are now, and will prevent your growth. Or, it can make things worse. You need support that is tailored to you when you need it. Help that you don’t have to wait weeks to get and is available to you right away.

About isolation: Do you sometimes feel alone, too? Like you’re the only one pushing the boulder up the mountain on your own? Are you like the rest of us in that you sometimes feel isolated in your solo mission to heal? It doesn’t have to be that way. And if you want to heal fully, then you need support from experts who understand and a tribe who gets you, accepts you, and can help you heal… fully.

Surround yourself with other people who have healed and are on the healing path. Especially if you want the confidence that you are on the right path, and you want to get there faster and more effectively than you would have on your own.

If you feel like you’re all over the place, going from one idea of how to heal to the next, without clear direction and a real custom plan, then you are like 95% of the people we meet who are trying to feel better.

In a situation where you feel like you only have yourself to rely on, unsure if you’re actually making the right move, this can be disastrous to your health and lead to more symptoms, more stress, more inflammation, and more disease.

One of our clients, Leslie, a 40-yr-old mother of two, revealed at our Autoimmune Freedom Conference (click for more details) recently that before she met with Nourish for the first time she asked her husband to increase her life insurance policy because she was confident based on her symptoms and research, that she was going to die soon. 

​​​​​​​A few days later, Leslie made a strategy call appointment to meet with us. 

​​​​​​​She said, “I didn’t tell you this when we first met, but I didn’t have the money readily available to work with you, but I knew that I needed a custom plan and support to guide me and I felt confident that Nourish had those pieces. I borrowed from my retirement savings to invest in myself and this program because I knew if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have a future.”

You can watch her moving testimony here (click

The fact is, when you have the right plan and expert support, and you align yourself with a community of like-minded people who all have a common goal to heal, there is extra motivation to keep going, even when it feels difficult, and you reach your goals so much faster and more easily.

It’s really hard on your own, and it’s 10 times easier when you have people who see the best in you, who understand what you’re going through, and who fiercely believe in you. It changes everything.

You don’t just feel “boosted” by having expert coaches and being in a community, you also get the answers you need faster than trying to figure it out on your own. You go from taking two days to research something on your own (often with unclear answers), to getting your answer in 10 minutes because you’ve used the understanding support available to you. Within minutes, you get what you need. All your questions get answered. Your fear dissipates. You gain clarity and confidence. And that’s when you propel your healing forward dramatically, and feel better faster. (Sometimes, almost immediately because the confusion and fear that holds many of us trapped in our symptoms… subsides.)

​​​​​​​About Expert Support:

When you feel like you’ve asked for help in the past and did not get the results you were looking for, it can be incredibly discouraging, which hurts your chances of healing. This often leads to fear, loss of hope, shame, and self-blame – all of which are major contributors to triggering or even causing symptoms and disease.

So, if you seek help from practitioners or people who are not experts in helping people heal, then of course, you are going to fail.

There are many “specialists” out there on isolated areas of the body – endocrinologists, cardiologists, orthopedists, etc. The challenge you’ll find when seeking support from one of these specialists, especially when you have autoimmune disease, is that they are not experts in whole body healing. They see you as a “part of” the body (a thyroid, a heart, a joint, etc.), rather than a total system. And, sadly, most of these specialists do not even see healing as an option. At best, they view your symptoms or disease as something you can manage, but rarely do they even believe you can heal.

If the people you are seeking help from don’t understand or believe you can heal, then how can you possibly expect they can help you hit your healing goals?

So, if you’ve seen other practitioners for help in the past, and not gotten the results you wanted, you have to ask yourself… why is that? Well, it’s because they don’t have the answers on healing and they certainly don’t have experience with healing the whole body from autoimmune disease.

How could they when they’ve only been trained to diagnose and prescribe within a system that doesn’t understand that healing is even possible?

That’s why you need a different approach to create new results, especially if you want to heal more effectively, in less time.

Here’s what you need:

1. CUSTOM PLAN Your personal plan designed for you including what to eat, what do do first, how to uncover hidden underlying root causes, how to eliminate the things working against you, and how to retrain your brain to get out of the continual fight-or-flight mode so your body can actually function as it was designed to and help you heal.

2. STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS Trainings on exactly what to do, in what order for you to physically, mentally, and emotionally undo what is not serving you and keeping you stuck. The foundational how-tos on retraining the mind, making great meals, and healing the body are all delivered to you in bite-size pieces, so you can implement them easily. It’s all laid out for you so all you have to do is watch and follow the information provided.

3. LIVE MEETINGS Twice weekly there are energy boosting meetings and Q&As for deep learning, mindset shifts, best practices, and transformation. We create sacred spaces of non-judgment, personal connection, and deep learning, where you make healing shifts and create connections that propel your healing forward.

4. JUST-IN-TIME SUPPORT Open access to the coaches calendars for one-on-one support, as well as email, FB, or text support to answer your burning questions, troubleshoot, gain massive clarity, and profound emotional shifts. You’re usually never more than 24 hours away from the personalized support you need from Kirstin, Anthony, & The Nourish Coaching Team to make better decisions and get the answers to your pressing questions.

5. SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY The unconditional love and support you’ve been looking for your whole life can be found in our group meeting and buzzing Facebook group. It’s your place to share wins, get feedback, ask for resources, and foster connections from people who totally understand what you’re going through. This is the unparalleled unconditional support you’ve always wished you had. For close to 20 years, I was seeking this type of support, help, feedback, and help elsewhere and couldn’t find it. And none of this was available all in one place. So that’s why I created it for others.

These are the “secret sauce” elements of The Nourish Autoimmune Freedom Program, and why hundreds of other people with autoimmune disease and related issues choose to heal and grow with us, as opposed to going elsewhere.

​​​​​​​If you’re ready to read more about complete Autoimmune Freedom, click the button below to download our 9 Autoimmune Freedom Activators report and take a look at our Model of Total Autoimmune Freedom.

P.S. If you’re ready NOW to get the customized answers you’ve been searching for, then you can…
  1. PHONE: Make a phone appointment by clicking here  We’ll chat for about 10 minutes to see if or how we can help.
  2. FB CHAT: Connect with us on a quick chat via FB Messenger
Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

After freeing herself from Celiac Disease (dx 2008) and Hashimoto’s (dx 2013), Kirstin has become a leading expert in helping others stop symptoms, reverse disease progression, and heal from autoimmune. She has worked with hundreds of autoimmune clients – including her own personal healing journey – to learn how to effectively tie together three crucial components of reaching autoimmune freedom and share them with others. Learn more about Kirstin here
Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

After freeing herself from Celiac Disease (dx 2008) and Hashimoto’s (dx 2013), Kirstin has become a leading expert in helping others stop symptoms, reverse disease progression, and heal from autoimmune. She has worked with hundreds of autoimmune clients – including her own personal healing journey – to learn how to effectively tie together three crucial components of reaching autoimmune freedom and share them with others. Learn more about Kirstin here

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