Why Celiac’s Disease and Leaky Gut Lead to Food Allergies

Celiac’s Disease and gut damage compromise your digestive system. Your digestive system has two essential jobs:

1) To break down the food you eat into tiny particles which can be absorbed through the cell wall that lines your intestinal tract.

2) To stay healthy and not let anything leak out of it before it’s been digested properly.

Unfortunately, when your digestive system is compromised or damaged, it is unable to break down food properly and it often allows food particles to slip through the protective lining and into your body before it should.

As food continues to sneak past the damaged protective lining, your body goes on high alert as if it’s being attacked by a toxin. This causes your body to become confused and act negatively towards foods which aren’t being broken down.

That’s why you often develop toxic reactions to foods you eat frequently, because that food has a greater chance of leaking through your damaged digestive system.

In order to stop this cycle and minimize the chance of getting additional food allergies, you must repair the damage done to the digestive system and then maintain a healthy gut program.

Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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