The Path to Healing Isn’t a Straight Line

Often, people become discouraged when they finally find a path to healing, because they question the path and assume it’s supposed to be a straight line.

It is not.

In fact, the line often dips, plateaus, spikes, wanes, and leaps forward as you hit new levels of healing. And with each new level, there are often questions, new challenges, and new “muscles” to be built to sustain the new shifts physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Even though the line doesn’t always go straight up, it needs to continually move forward in order to reach total healing.

When you follow a plan not designed for you, the line can often go up in the beginning, giving you false hope, but then it will bottom out as you hit unanticipated roadblocks non-custom plans don’t anticipate, because it wasn’t designed for your specific needs.

When you follow a plan that was designed for you, it will flex and adjust as you get stronger and learn how to change your mindset, eliminate physical toxins, and grow. But if you are still expecting that everything is going to be good every single day, and do not anticipate challenges, then you may fall off the line altogether.

The body was designed to compound whatever it is most familiar with mentally, emotionally, and physically. For example, if your mind is set in the idea that you are sick and cannot heal… then your body will believe that, and be more susceptible to illness. Or, if you currently have a bacterial imbalance in the gut that is not being addressed, then the body will compound that imbalance and keep you spinning off track.

But, if your body sees that you are (finally) paying attention, you are addressing it’s needs, and you are listening to its cries for help… then it will begin to let go of the things that are not serving it, and compound your healing. The more familiar the body becomes with the things that are helping it heal, the more it will do those things, propelling you up the healing path faster and more easily.

This is what we call “Exponential Compounded Healing”.

So, even though the line doesn’t always feel straight as you heal, when you have a plan designed for you with the right support, you will continue to consistently move forward. And as you move forward, the body will begin to learn and understand what it needs to do to stay on the path, compound what serves it, and eliminate or move past the things that don’t.

And that’s how you reach long term, total healing.

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