Your membership in the Reverse Autoimmune Symptoms Program is waiting for you… now is the time to get resourceful!

Here is a list of creative ideas and financing options that our clients have used to change their lives with the Reverse Autoimmune Symptoms Program…


1. Credit or debit cards.

2. Combination of credit and/or debit cards (we have had clients use 4 different credit cards to enroll)

3. Emergency credit cards (you know, the one hidden in your underwear drawer)

4. Saving account

5. IRAs or Retirement accounts

6. PayPal balance (I know I find money in there all of the time that I didn’t realize I had)

7. PayPal Credit






13. Having friends and family invest in you (several of our clients have gone this route…  and I mean really invest – pay them back with interest!  Few people can refuse 10% interest as a return on an investment)

14. Go online to apply for low introductory rate credit cards (search “easy to get credit cards bad credit”)

15. Crowdfunding

16. Tapping into an unused home equity line of credit

17. Business loan

18. Selling off old/useless/unneeded things on eBay or Craigslist (clients have sold jewelery, engagement rings, horse trailers… you name it!)

19. Collecting debt from family and/or friends

20. Throw a fundraiser!  Have friends donate art/crafts/services that they are ready to part with or contribute and have a fundraiser.  Consider making it an auction (I’ve seen silent auctions have great success for personal campaigns)


22. Read this article on the Easiest Credit Cards to Get

23. Take out a Kabbage Business line of credit

24. Read this article on the Leading Credit Cards of 2017






30. Investigate microlenders and web-based lenders:  there are many non-bank lenders on the internet now that offer microloans to entrepreneurs – typically in the $5,000 to $25,000 range – and can be a great source of capital for people with low credit.  They will report your payments to credit bureaus, which can help raise your credit score when you make monthly payments.  Be sure to shop around to compare rates since each lender will have a different approach.  Here’s a list to start looking into:
Prosper (for women business owners)

A new, healthy life awaits you!