Popular Health Practitioner Telling People Info That is Making Them Sick

A popular health practitioner (I can’t tell you who it is) is telling people info that is making them sick…

I recently returned from a business conference for health practitioners being lead by docs and practitioners who are incredibly well known on the internet and in social media, and the things they are teaching are well… deplorable.

One of the speakers – the leader of the conference and well-known online health guru – was explaining how important it is to run labs on clients. He listed all the labs he runs on his clients regardless of their symptoms. When I stood up in the crowd and asked why it was necessary to run so many labs on relatively healthy clients, his answer was: “Because labs are a cash cow.”

As a business owner and wellness practitioner, I can absolutely appreciate the need to be profitable. Of course, if you can’t make enough money to stay in business, how are you going to help people, right?

But his answer frankly shocked me. I was expecting him to explain the underlying medical reasoning behind running his ($4,000) “Standard Lab Package” on every client. But that wasn’t the case. His rationale was purely financial, and his mark up was more than 4 times the actual lab costs.

He proceeded to tell us that the goal, was to find something – anything – on the labs that was “out of range” and then upsell the patient into a lengthy wellness program which included an on-going regime of white labeled supplements costing the client about $250-$400 a month, in addition to the labs (run twice a year at $4000 each time), and in addition to the regular office visits.

What was frustrating me the most wasn’t the cost of the labs, supplements, or office visits. It was that the labs and supplements WERE NOT necessary for the client to be healthy.

The other advice we got at the conference was to focus all marketing efforts on people who were afraid of getting sick, rather than people who were already sick. According to the conference leaders, people who were fearful were more likely to spend money and since they weren’t already sick, they really wouldn’t need to see dramatic results to feel like their plan was working.

Wait… what?

Right. I was just as angry as you probably are right now.

In fact, I was super angry because I looked up to many of the practitioners who were speaking over those two days. I was excited to be part of this larger group of people providing wellness and health advice to the millions of people who need it. And in one afternoon, my excitement was turned to disgust.

So, here’s why I’m telling you this: You deserve to know what is going to help you get better! Not all practitioners are bad. And here’s how you can tell:

1 – Are they running labs on you FOR A REASON which will uncover a root cause or give you insight into your specific issues so you know HOW to fix them? Or are they hitting you with a “routine” barrage of labs to monitor medications and supplement needs?

2 – Do they have a “one size fits all” approach to healing or is it personalized to you?

3 – Are they experts who understand exactly what you’re going through or will they take on any client waving money at them?

4 – Do they use scare tactics, or do they help educate you to understand what’s going on?

5 – Do you resonate with them and their approach?

6 – Is part of your wellness strategy a regimen of monthly supplements with no end in sight?

7 – Do they address nutrition through food (not just supplements)?

8 – Do you feel you will get the support you need to find totally health physically, mentally, and emotionally?


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