Interview with Christie Thomas

We recently interviewed Nourish graduate Christie and her husband, Jeff, to talk about what it was like for Christie to go through the program, what the experience was like as a couple, and how her results have impacted their lives and their family!

Christie came into the program with a myriad of symptoms including:
– severe fatigue
– back pain
– heartburn and poor digestion
– chronic cough
– anxiety
– swollen lymph nodes
– bleeding gums

Christie struggled to find answers, but no one seemed to be able to provide any.

Today, Christie is down 25 lbs and no longer experiences her symptoms, especially the chronic inflammation inside and out.  In just two days, her facial inflammation and red skin were gone!  Jeff remembers exclaiming, “You look healthy!”

Christie adds: “And then we added the soul component to it… I didn’t expect that to be part of it, and I didn’t expect to gain so much out of that.”

To hear more about Christie’s journey, click the video below to watch the replay:

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Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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