Illness and Blood pH Balance

Illness cannot survive in an alkaline pH state, so the goal is to have the blood be at a balanced pH (7.35) or above.
Many things will contribute to a low or acidic blood pH such as:
  • pesticides
  • chemicals in our foods, beauty products, and cleaning products
  • poor air quality
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • low quality food
  • foods that are listed on the acidic side of the chart
  • low activity levels (poor fitness)
  • foods that are not organic
  • food that are genetically modified
When the body is more acidic, it will pull from other resources in the body to try to pull the blood up to balance (7.35pH), such as pull calcium from the bones, energy from the mitochondria, and energy from the adrenal glands – which long term will lead to illness and disease.
Anticipating and responding are ways that the body manages stress. Managing it well helps you control how the body responds to it. Are you anticipating the stress and is it real? Or are you responding to an actual true stressor? This will change the body and it’s state of alkalinity and acidity.
Add Oxygen
Lean into as many things on the alkaline side as possible that work best for you. And learn about how to alkalize the body by adding more oxygen into the blood (deep breathing and meditation) and other calming techniques.
Some Acidity may be OK
Just because it’s on the acid side, doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad (animal protein), just keep in mind that lots of animal protein (especially protein that is not grass-fed or wild) will begin to outweigh the positives even for people who digest animal protein well.  Those with A blood type typically have difficulty digesting animal protein and do much better when leaning away from animal protein except sometimes fish and eggs work for them.
For more information on how to balance the body and pH, check out special events and classes or work one-on-one with a Nourish Holistic Nutritionist.
Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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