How to Make Your Resolutions A Success

As you know, most people don’t even make it to February with their New Year’s resolutions. Here are five simple tips on how you can make your food and health related resolutions a successful part of your life.

1 – Alter Your Language

Rather than saying, “I can’t have that food” simply switch to “I do not want that food” or “I can have these foods.”  This shifts the balance of power in your thoughts to give you control and help you break the emotional tie to the food you are removing from your diet.

2 – Food Shouldn’t Be A Reward or A Cheat

GIving yourself “cheat days” may sound like a positive way to reward yourself for sticking to your “diet” during the week, but it only reinforces a negative relationship with food. Just using the word “cheat” makes it sound shady.  And rewarding yourself with the food you’ve been withholding from yourself, is simply… emotionally twisted.

3 – Food As Your Medicine/Fuel/Nutrition

Start looking at food as nourishment.  It’s the fuel that makes your body, your mind, and ultimately your soul function.  When the right food is chosen for your body, you will be sick less frequently, your mind will be sharper, you will have more energy, and you will experience more happiness.  Having all those things will help you achieve any goal or resolution you set forth!

4 – Make Food Your Friend

Take a class on nutrition, cooking, or herbalism taught at a local farm, healthy restaurant, or school.  Ask a friend who is good in the kitchen to teach you some tricks to cooking.  When you know more about food, how it works, and how to make it taste great, then you will be more likely to make better food choices for you.

5 – Buddy Up

Team up with a friend or group on your resolutions.  There is power in numbers.  Check out if you are interested in teaming up with people who have food allergies or restrictions.

Following through with your healthy resolutions isn’t difficult when you follow simple steps to success!  Now get out there and have your healthiest year yet!

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Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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