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Free Yourself from Autoimmune

Transformational Healing

A Proven System To Stop the Progression and Heal From the Damage of Autoimmune Related Issues

Created from Years
of Proven Tools and Experience

The Proven Process

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Everyone uses a specific word to describe their definition of healing. What we found, is that most of the people who we meet with say they’re looking for some version of FREEDOM.
The Nourish Model of Healing was created so people could find their Freedom.


The word soul, as we use it, means that part of you that makes you uniquely you. It encompasses your purpose, identity, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and Self. This piece, is the most overlooked component to the healing process and is critical to wholeness.


Utilizing the right labs and systems to created individualized protocols is helpful to customizing the plan to healing. We’ve streamlined this process to help minimize unnecessary labs or redundant protocols so we can narrow in on the right process more quickly and avoid wasting time, resources, and finances. More isn’t necessarily better when it comes to labs, supplements, and protocols. Better is better.


The “right” nutrition is different for every body and it often shifts depending where someone is in their healing journey. Finding the correct nutrition for your unique system is an important part of whole wellness and isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Learning how to tap into your own body and understand what you specifically need, rather than relying on ineffective “diets,” will not only help you find whole wellness, it will help you connect with Self.


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Case Studies and Real Stories of Autoimmune Freedom

Reversing symptoms and healing isn’t a miracle…
Our bodies were designed to heal.
You need to know how to support the body and give it what it needs.

Watch the case studies below to see people just like you, who have found their freedom from autoimmune disease and related symptoms.


Weight Issues, Thyroid, EBV, Breast Cancer, Mold, Sleep Issues

Get a detailed account of this Eating Psychology Coach who says she’s “tried everything” and was “at the end of her rope” before but now has been able to shift her symptoms, diagnosis, and dropped medications dramatically though this “whole picture” approach.


Anxiety, Digestive Distress, Fatigue, Depression, Breast Cancer

Hear directly from Terri on how she took the “ball and chain” of illness and learned how to cut herself loose and get free from symptoms which no longer own her!

PANEL: Jackie, Jess, Theresa

Anxiety, Digestive Distress, Fatigue, Depression, Breast Cancer

With a long list of debilitating symptoms hear how these three very different women are finding freedom and a whole new reality!

Case Studies

Eczema, Hashimoto’s & Sjogren’s

acne & PCOS

fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue

How We Work

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Articles Update

Our New Book is Available Now!

Free yourself from fatigue, digestive issues, thyroid dysfunction, chronic stress, and autoimmune.

Available in Print and Kindle formats!

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August 12th - August 14th

Get cutting edge, expert information on achieving optimal health – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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