5 Things Your Doc Doesn’t Know About Your Autoimmune Condition

We’re making enemies!  This article definitely isn’t going to make us popular in the traditional medical community, and it’s most likely going to make enemies for us within the pharmaceutical industry, but you deserve real answers!

Autoimmune conditions are skyrocking to near epidemic numbers. But why? And why don’t most docs have answers on how it started, what causes it, and how you can stop your symptoms without medications?

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Things your doctor doesn’t know about your autoimmune condition….

1 – What caused it

There are three things that cause autoimmune disease. If all three of these things come into play, then the autoimmune condition will present itself.

Those three things are: 1 – a predisposition for an autoimmune disease.   2 – Leaky gut  3 – A “trauma” that triggered the condition.

The body is sensitive to specific stressful or traumatic event such giving birth, a divorce, loss of a loved one, infection, an accident, surgeries, or a prolonged period of time of constant stress. Under the right conditions, these traumatic episodes will trigger an immune response that creates the perfect environment for an AI condition.

2 – Symptoms are reversible

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease isn’t a death sentence.  The symptoms are absolutely reversible and at the very least, they are controllable – all without medication. When the body, mind, and soul get the correct nutrition and support they need, they will respond positively and have the power to stop the negative symptoms and heal the damage caused by the autoimmune disease.

3 – Medications only make things worse

Prescriptions may mask symptoms, but they aren’t fixing anything.  In fact, most medications given for, and in conjunction with, an autoimmune condition will actually make your symptoms worse and potentially set you up for additional autoimmune diseases or other illnesses and symptoms.

The most commonly prescribed medications are Synthroid (Levothyroxine), proton pump inhibitors (acid reducers), immune system suppressors, steroids, pain killers, and beta blockers.  These medication will often confuse the body and stop it from working the way it should, causing additional issues. Some of the most common side effect of pharmaceuticals are suppression of the immune system and suppression of the digestive system – which will increase your chances of further complications, diseases, and sickness.

4 – Nutrition directly impacts your symptoms

Most traditional doctors receive only 20 hours of nutrition education (!) in their medical training. So the large majority of them do not understand how important the right nutrition is – and even if they do, they don’t know how to customize that nutrition to your specific needs.

When the body (mind and soul) get the right nutrients it so desperately needs, the body is capable of reversing symptoms and healing the body from the damage done which caused the autoimmune condition in the first place.

Talking about this often doesn’t make us very popular with traditional medical professionals. In fact, we hear all too often from clients that their doctors told them that nutrition has nothing to do with their condition or symptoms, and that it will have no impact on their health! How ridiculous is that?!?!

Sadly, the lack of nutrition education in medical education is the reason why so many people suffer unnecessarily for years with symptoms that often debilitate them when they didn’t have to.  But we’re not interested in being popular with doctors. We just want to help people so they get better and feel better. I know I suffered for YEARS with terrible symptoms that lead to my Celiac Disease and then further suffered for years with diagnosed Celiac. I often wonder if one of my doctors

5 – “Normal” lab tests don’t necessarily mean there’s not a problem

We often have clients who come to us with “normal” lab test results, but are drowning in symptoms such as foggy brain, sensitivity to hot or cold, lack of energy, mood swings, sugar craving, holding excess weight in the mid-section, painful joints, loss of hair, acne, and many other common symptoms of autoimmune disease. But because the client has “normal” lab tests that are “in range” their doctor sends them on their way with no help or guidance on how to manage (or reverse) their symptoms.

Just because your labs are “in range” doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong!

In these cases, the tests that were done either weren’t comprehensive enough, they results are not being read properly (it’s harder than it initially appears), or the client is on the edge of an autoimmune condition or other illness which could be stopped with the right nutritional approach.

Early warning signs for autoimmune disease aren’t necessarily obvious with standard lab tests. So you definitely want to work with someone who understands all the idiosyncrasies of what leads up to autoimmune conditions and not someone who just diagnoses them.

And frankly, you know yourself and you know when there’s a problem – no matter what your lab tests say. So make sure you get the right treatment before things get worse!


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