A Complete Healing Puzzle

If you could have figured this out by now, you would have done it already.

In no way is that saying that you’re not smart enough or that you haven’t tried hard enough. And it’s not saying that the pieces of the puzzle aren’t all out there… somewhere.

But, the complete puzzle, spelling out the path designed just for you, isn’t just siting there screaming your name. It needs to be created, molded, and put together…

just for you.

So, take a deep breath… and let go of the following thoughts:

  • “If I give in, and ask for help, and don’t figure this out on my own, that means I’ve failed.”
  • “If I spend money to help myself find the right path, then I’m taking valuable resources away from my family.”
  • “It’s not that bad yet, so I’ll keep trying to figure it out until it gets worse.”
  • “I shouldn’t spend money to reach my health goals, because there are more important things than my health, so I have to keep trying to figure it out alone.”
  • “Maybe if I look in one more place, read one more free blog, try one more blanket-approach-diet… then maybe I’ll figure it out.”

If you talk to people who have healed from autoimmune issues and stayed healthy long term, you’ll discover, there are two important reasons they achieved success:

  1. Because they value their health and they put time, money, and resources towards getting and staying healthy.
  2. Because they hire others to partner with them on their healing journey, who have more information and experience than they do, to get them where they want to go – faster and more effectively – so they hit fewer roadblocks and don’t waste resources or money meandering along.

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Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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