My Horrific Mistake

I made a HUGE mistake this week.

I’m a member of a bunch of different FB groups focused on various autoimmune issues like Celiac Disease, a handful of thyroid and Hashimoto’s related groups, one for fibromyalgia, one for lupus, and some other ones.

Generally, I keep my comments to myself and I simply watch the posts to see what the biggest issues are, what advice people are giving, and what experiences they’ve had.

I get incredibly frustrated by the terribly damaging advice people are giving each other. The things they say their doctors and practitioners are telling them are staggeringly harmful. And it’s everything in me sometimes not to jump in and scream – OMG! PEOPLE! Stop it already! This is all wrong!

But (usually) I know better than to say anything.

Because, sadly, most of the people in these groups don’t want the truth. They don’t want to hear or read things that would rattle their identity, which has become “someone who has an autoimmune disease.”

But for a brief moment, I forgot this and thought I could pop in and give some advice on what I thought was a seemly safe question. But I was wrong. So horribly wrong.

I made the mistake of suggesting that the body was designed to heal, and that thyroid medication simply makes matters worse in cases of Hashimoto’s. And I got absolutely jumped on in one of the thyroid support groups.

See, I forgot that… very few people in these “support groups” want anything other than sympathy and camaraderie which does nothing more than solidify their belief that they are stuck and can never get beyond their symptoms, medications, and diagnosis.

And they would be lost without their disease because it’s who they’ve become.

And that breaks my heart.

And it makes me angry.

And it should make you angry too.

Because we’ve all been sold a pile of crap that is 100% untrue.

We’ve been lead to believe that the diagnosis is the end. And it’s the only thing that matters. And that we’re going to be stuck to that diagnosis forever.

Which is 100% incorrect.

It’s wrong. Unequivocally, undeniably, 100% wrong.

And we have to realize that the broken healthcare system BENEFITS greatly if you believe that you are broken and tied to your diagnosis forever.

We are the sickest developed country in the world, we have the most disease, and we spend the most money on healthcare. How is that ok? How does that even make sense???

Our “healthcare” is pharmaceutical driven. And pharmaceuticals do no work WITH the body to help you heal.

In fact, most pharmaceuticals work against the body, and many CAUSE disease. CAUSE IT.

And if you’re ok with that, and don’t think it’s having a direct impact on you, then stop reading, because the rest of this email will be a waste of your time.

But if you get it, but just don’t know where to turn for answers that MAKE SENSE, then keep reading.

Here’s the truth… our bodies were designed to heal. The are amazing and they can heal, when given the right support.

Even when you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Even when you’ve been struggling for months or even years to find answers to your symptoms.

Even if your doctor is telling you otherwise.

Here’s how you know the truth:

Ask yourself, “If I get better and I stop the progression of my disease, I reverse my symptoms, and I heal… who will that benefit?”  

Then ask yourself, “If I stay stuck on medications, and have to continually increase my dosage or combat additional symptoms, who will that benefit?” 

The only answer that should matter is the one where YOU benefit.

The answer where you feel better.

The answer where you get your YOU back!

And if that’s the answer you’re looking for then break free of the broken healthcare system, and the nonsense support groups that want you to stay tied to being sick.

Reach beyond that nonsense, step up for yourself and your health, and reach out to us.

We’ll have a quick chat to see if or how we can help you get your health back – without medications and without tons of supplements.

You have three choices on how to connect with us:

  1. PHONE: Make a phone appointment by clicking here  We’ll chat for about 10 minutes to see if or how we can help.
  1. FB CHAT: Connect with us on a quick chat via FB Messenger
  1. EMAIL: REPLY back to this email, and we’ll connect that way.

Deep breath.

Reach out now.

And find your way to FREEDOM.


Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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