Case Studies

Here are some of our clients testimonials and experiences.

Heather joined the Nourish Symptom Reversal Program with debilitating pain that limited her movement as well as leaky gut symptoms and food allergies. After her first meeting with Kirstin and Anthony, she remembers thinking to herself:

"Wow! They're really serious! They're going to help me get well."

Heather has gone on to heal herself of most of the symptoms she came into the program with, noting that she is now selecting scores of zero for symptoms she once scored at 8-10 in their severity.

She reflects on her experience in the program, noting:

"The big part is your stress and how you cope with life, and what you think of yourself."

Heather loves how Nourish empowered and educated her in the areas she needed to address in order to heal:

"You know what you need to do and it's up to you to do it."

Christie came into the program with a myriad of symptoms including severe fatigue, back pain, heartburn and poor digestion, chronic cough, anxiety, swollen lymph nodes, and bleeding gums. She struggled to find answers, but no one seemed to be able to provide any.

Today, Christie is down 25 lbs and no longer experiences her symptoms, especially the chronic inflammation inside and out.  In just two days, her facial inflammation and red skin were gone!  Jeff remembers exclaiming, "You look healthy!"

"And then we added the soul component to it... I didn't expect that to be part of it, and I didn't expect to gain so much out of that"

Jen has transformed from having a bad relationship with food, alcohol, and caffeine and having no idea how to cook or eat in healthy ways, to feeling empowered and confident knowing how to cook and eat to live well! 

No more: cravings (especially for sugar) or drastic changes between high moods and low moods.

Now: now has so much abundant energy she can enjoy a good workout, a long walk with the dog, and still have energy to take on more.

From suffering and feeling lost, to thriving and feeling like she can do anything!

"Now that I can do this, I can do other things!"

Natasha went from extreme symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, muscle weakness, skin rashes, thyroid imbalances, and horomone and menstrual issues, to freedom from all medications, supplements, and symptoms... and vibrant health and happiness!

"You just seemed very calm and very confident."
"I've learned a lot and I've become a healthier person because of it... mentally and physically."

Watch the interview to hear more about Natasha and Gabe's incredible journey together!

Theresa went from back and neck pain and swollen gums, to a new level of physical and emotional health and freedom...

"After 12 weeks, 95% of my symptoms were gone."

"My emotions were so much better, my anxiety has improved almost 100%."

"I really connected with you right away... and I knew I could trust you."

Watch the interview to hear more about her inspiring journey!

Linda Cruikshank is a past Nourish client who suffered from a myriad of issues  - after working with the Nourish team, Linda found herself feeling 90% healed, she had come off all of her steroids and medications.

And now, three years later, she’s thriving like never before!

Ellie started working with Nourish about 2 years ago at a point that she remembers feeling pretty desperate for some answers about her health and symptoms.

She was living abroad with limited access to the right foods and supplements, dealing with horrible abdominal pain and unable to control her Crohn's disease.

Today, she feels mostly symptom-free, and has been off all her medications for a year now!

I feel good!

I'm symptom free!

I can't thank you enough!

We went live with Amari - a graduate of the Nourish 12-Week Symptom Reversal Program - to talk about her experience in the Nourish program, how much progress she's made towards her health goals, and how powerful the support of the Nourish member community is both during and after the program.

Here's what she had to say about her journey and transformation...

We recently took some time to talk with Erika - a graduate of the Nourish 12-Week Symptom Reversal Program - who conquered her celiac symptoms and reclaimed vibrant health and happiness!

Here's what she had to say about her journey and transformation...

In this raw and insightful client interview, Kelly talks about how she was finally able to tap into her soul and begin the healing process for the fractured and disconnected pieces.

You won't be the same after watching this!

In this insightful interview, Tammy shares her inspiring journey through the Nourish Symptom Reversal Program, including how she kicked her diabetes medication to the curb and rediscovered freedom of health and spirit.

In another amazing, raw, and thought provoking client interview, Taresa discusses how she was able to put years of health challenges behind her, ditch her medication, and tap into true healing.

“Kirstin, your before and after pics in the summit inspired me. The shift in energy is immense. These pics of me were taken less than 6 months apart, the first in August 2016 on one of my first hikes, and the second in December 2016 hiking the Superstition Mountains. Everything has changed since the day I met you in July!”


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