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Vitality Men's Program

Activate your inherent power, energy, and motivation.
It’s not enough to just prevent disease, you must activate your body’s innate ability to thrive.
This means energizing your physiology through aligned nutrition and workouts, while also igniting your soul with core confidence and motivation.
Get a proven process to maximize your life experience and reach your full optimal health potential.

In this 12 week program you get

  • PLAN:
    • 1:1 Vitality Assessment Meeting
    • 1:1 Ignite the Soul Strategy Meeting
    • 1:1 Lab Review Meeting & Trajectory Report
  • TOOLS:
    • Lifetime Access to the Vitality Men's Program Self Study Course
    • Personalized Physiology Strategy Report including nutrition, supplementation, and workout
    • Weekly live Coaching Clinic Sessions to get questions answered and get personalized support.