Case Studies

Here are some of our clients testimonials and experiences.

Jenny joined the Nourish program with a long list of symptoms including skin issues, hair loss, excessive fatigue, swollen eyes, achy joints, foggy brain, and a general, constant feeling of being unwell... and traditional medicine just wasn't working for her.

Today, Jenny and her husband, Preston, celebrate how much has changed in Jenny's health, and in their family.

"You guys really want to HEAL people, you can tell - the passion you guys have is so different from any other people out there... It's an investment in yourself and your family."

Jenny: Eczema, Hashimoto's & Sjogren's

Jessica: Acne & PCOS

Jessica joined Nourish with many symptoms including:

  • constipation
  • abdominal cramping
  • painful bloating & gas
  • acne & ovarian cysts
  • migraines
  • fatigue & dizziness

Today, Jessica is so excited to talk about how much she's learned and how much freer she feels overall!

"Nourish looks at someones health from beginning to present, taking into account everything you've experienced so far, and very intricate lab tests... when you piece that all together, you guys were able to see so much of the underlying reasons as to why you're experiencing the symptoms you are and truly unpacking it. From the very beginning I knew that was different from anyone I've ever seen before."

Nicole came to Nourish with a long list of debilitating symptoms, including:

  • brain fog
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • chronic dry eye
  • severe sensitivities

Today, Nicole celebrates most of her symptoms being fully resolved, with the rest of them well on their way to full resolution.

"I'm off ALL medications! I never thought that would happen, ever. This program puts together all of the pieces for you. It had everything I was looking for all in one."

Nicole: Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Meghan: Hashimoto's & Graves' Disease

Meghan began working with the Nourish team in February of 2018 after being told she would suffer and die if she refused to remover her thyroid.

Meghan chose not to remove her thyroid.  She chose to work her customized Nourish program and today is celebrating complete freedom from her Graves' disease!

Her doctor was so shocked by her progress that she wrote us this email to share her excitement:

"Hi Anthony! I wanted to share this with you, because no one will appreciate it as much! My endocrinologist finally called me and he could not stop telling me he can't believe it!! He has to know what pill I am taking, who is giving me something! I kept saying nothing I promise it's all been food and treating myself kind!! It went back and forth and he would NOT believe me! Then he said I need to write a book because people need to know there is another way!  Thanks Anthony!"

Suzy recently graduated a 12 month Nourish Autoimmune program and is celebrating how far she's come in her health journey, and how many additional benefits she's received that she never even expected!

12 months ago, Suzy was...

  • taking 50 supplements regularly
  • dealing with extreme fatigue, sleep issues, and deep fears of failing
  • trying all the programs, diets, and specialists for 20 years with no success

Today, we're celebrating that Suzy is:

  • off all supplements except for 2 (and a half) vitamins
  • has all the energy she wants, sleeps well at night, and is more confident than she ever expected
  • enjoying the new healthy habits and routines that keep her moving forward and feeling great

Have you ever been curious about what the soul aspect of the Nourish program really is?  Watch Suzy's interview to hear her eloquently describe what it means to her and how it was the missing piece she needed to discover.

Suzy: Hashimoto's & Fatty Liver

Nourish Member Panel

We had 5 Nourish clients at various stages of their journey and from various walks of life volunteer to join us for the Nourish Autoimmune Freedom Conference to share straight from the heart.

Check out the replay to hear...

  • what made them trust and choose the Nourish program
  • how they made the program work for their unique lives
  • the amazing shifts they've seen not just in their health but in every aspect of their lives

When Stephanie started working with Nourish she was dealing with a long list of symptoms, including:

  • anxiety
  • muscle weakness
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • joint pain
  • bleeding gums
  • digestive issues, and more...

She had tried so many different things before starting the Nourish Autoimmune Freedom Program, but was still searching for long-term relief.

Today, Stephanie celebrates knowing how to listen to her body and give it what it needs, allowing her to stay in a state of energy and feeling good, to keep up with a busy family life and to enjoy showing up for life with the confidence that her body will be there for her!

"My kids would tell you 'thank you', because they have noticed."

Steph: Hashimotos & Celiac

Rhiannon: Rheumatoid Arthritis

When Rhiannon started working with Nourish she was dealing with a myriad of symptoms that had her missing out on the life she wanted, including:

  • chronic swelling
  • pain and soreness in joints
  • excessive weight loss
  • excessive fatigue
  • loss of hair
  • joint deformity
  • digestive issues, and more...

She had tried everything before starting the Nourish Autoimmune Freedom Program... special diets, supplements, all sorts of natural therapies... but nothing was bringing long-term relief.

She felt desperate.

Today - just 6 short months later - watch Rhiannon celebrate:

  • more energy to enjoy life with her family
  • more physical strength and range of movement
  • a newfound emotional and mental stability
  • the confidence to listen to her body
  • no longer wasting money on endless supplements

Tina started working with Nourish with over 20 symptoms, including:

  • horrible fatigue
  • brain fog
  • chronic pain
  • muscle cramps
  • lymphatic issues
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • constipation
  • digestive issues, and more...

She had been working with so many practitioners and was spending $1000 a month on supplements, and recalls feeling very lost and hopeless before finding and working with Nourish.

Today - just 4 short months later - watch Tina celebrate:

  • eliminating debilitating symptoms
  • getting off medications or supplements
  • a newfound emotional and mental stability
  • the confidence to take on life's unexpected challenges
  • the zest and energy to live life on her terms!

Tina: Fibromyalgia

Sharon: Hashimoto's, Leaky Gut,
Adrenal Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance

Sharon's diagnoses were causing her extreme and debilitating symptoms, including:

  • horrible fatigue and migraines
  • excessive spells of dizziness
  • skin issues

She had been working with so many practitioners and was taking so many supplements, but the symptoms continued to persist...

Today, watch Sharon and Shannon celebrate how much she has learned and changed, including:

  • coming off her medications and supplements in just a few months
  • no more debilitating symptoms
  • a newfound emotional confidence and stability

"I can just do what I need and want to do in a day, and that has not been my norm in so long."

Tracy came into the program with issues relating to her Type II Diabetes and fatty liver, including:

  • food sensitivities
  • leaky gut
  • struggling emotionally

Today, watch Tracy celebrate how much she has learned and changed to achieve:

  • personal empowerment in making healthy food choices
  • learning to communicate with herself and others effectively
  • developed radical confidence and self-love

"I feel it's more of a journey now than a struggle."

Tracy: Type II Diabetes & Fatty Liver

Denise: Myasthenia Gravis & Thyroid Disorder

Joe: Fatty Liver & Digestive Distress

Denise came into the program with debilitating symptoms related to her Myasthenia Gravis and thyroid disorder, including:

  • double vision and trouble focusing
  • drooping eyelid
  • severe pain in the eye

Denise struggled to find answers, but no one seemed to be able to provide any.

Joe opened up about his struggle with feeling depressed, digestive distress, and with how to best support his wife as she searched for answers.  Not only did the Nourish Program help him manage his emotions, but recent lab tests have showed that a previously diagnosed fatty liver and fatty spleen are now completely normal!

Today, watch Joe and Denise celebrate how they worked together to overcome their health challenges to achieve:

  • no more symptoms
  • feeling happy, healthy, and empowered about their health and general well-being

Heather joined the Nourish Symptom Reversal Program with a myriad of symptoms, including:

  • debilitating pain that limited her movement
  • leaky gut symptoms
  • food allergies

Heather has gone on to heal herself of most of the symptoms she came into the program with. Today, she:

  • celebrates that she is now selecting scores of zero for symptoms she once scored at 8-10 in their severity
  • can move with more confidence and freedom
  • understands how to eat to best support her body and her health

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Christie and Jeff:
Lupus (Suspected)

Christie came into the program with a myriad of symptoms including:

  • severe fatigue
  • back pain
  • heartburn and poor digestion
  • chronic cough
  • anxiety
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • bleeding gums.

Today, Christie is down 25 lbs and no longer experiences her symptoms, especially the chronic inflammation inside and out.

In just two days, her facial inflammation and red skin were gone!  Jeff remembers exclaiming, "You look healthy!"

"And then we added the soul component to it... I didn't expect that to be part of it, and I didn't expect to gain so much out of that"

Jen has transformed from having a bad relationship with food, alcohol, and caffeine and having no idea how to cook or eat in healthy ways, to feeling empowered and confident knowing how to cook and eat to live well!

No more:
- cravings (especially for sugar)
- drastic changes between high moods and low moods
- caving in to unhealthy habits

Now: Jen has so much abundant energy she can enjoy a good workout, a long walk with the dog, and still have energy to take on more.

From suffering and feeling lost, to thriving and feeling like she can do anything!

"Now that I can do this, I can do other things!"

Adrenal Fatigue
& Digestive Distress

Natasha and Gabe:
Hashimoto's, Hormone Imbalance,
& Adrenal Fatigue

Natasha went from extreme symptoms of:
- fatigue
- anxiety
- brain fog
- muscle weakness
- skin rashes
- thyroid imbalances
- horomone and menstrual issues...

... to celebrating:
- freedom from all medications and supplements
- freedom from all symptoms
- achieving vibrant health and happiness!

"I've learned a lot and I've become a healthier person because of it... mentally and physically."

Theresa went from:
- back pain
- neck pain
- and swollen gums... a new level of physical and emotional health and freedom!

"After 12 weeks, 95% of my symptoms were gone."

"My emotions were so much better,
my anxiety has improved almost 100%."

"I really connected with you right away...
and I knew I could trust you."

Hashimoto's, Hormone Imbalance,
& Adrenal Fatigue

Multiple Autoimmune Challenges
& High Dependence on
Pharmaceutical Medications

Linda Cruikshank is a past Nourish client who suffered from a myriad of health issues  - after working with the Nourish team, Linda found herself feeling 90% healed, she had come off all of her steroids and medications.

And now, three years later, she’s thriving like never before!

Ellie started working with Nourish about 2 years ago at a point that she remembers feeling pretty desperate for some answers about her health and symptoms.

She was living abroad with limited access to the right foods and supplements, dealing with horrible abdominal pain and unable to control her Crohn's disease.

Today, she feels mostly symptom-free, and has been off all her medications for a year now!

I feel good!

I'm symptom free!

I can't thank you enough!

Crohn's Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

We went live with Amari - a graduate of the Nourish 12-Week Symptom Reversal Program - to talk about her experience in the Nourish program, how much progress she's made towards her health goals, and how powerful the support of the Nourish member community is both during and after the program.

Here's what she had to say about her journey and transformation...

We recently took some time to talk with Erika - a graduate of the Nourish 12-Week Symptom Reversal Program - who conquered her celiac symptoms and reclaimed vibrant health and happiness!

Here's what she had to say about her journey and transformation...

Conquering Celiac

Kelly Calkins:
Celiac, Hashimoto's,
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus

In this raw and insightful client interview, Kelly talks about how she was finally able to tap into her soul and begin the healing process for the fractured and disconnected pieces.

You won't be the same after watching this!

In this insightful interview, Tammy shares her inspiring journey through the Nourish Symptom Reversal Program, including how she kicked her diabetes medication to the curb and rediscovered freedom of health and spirit.

Tammy Clayton:
Type II Diabetes


In another amazing, raw, and thought provoking client interview, Taresa discusses how she was able to put years of health challenges behind her, ditch her medication, and tap into true healing.

Lori used everything she learned in the Nourish Autoimmune Freedom Program to heal and reverse her health symptoms, including:

  • hyper and hypo thyroid daily fluctuations
  • heart issues
  • muscle atrophy

RA, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's


“Kirstin, your before and after pics in the summit inspired me. The shift in energy is immense. These pics of me were taken less than 6 months apart, the first in August 2016 on one of my first hikes, and the second in December 2016 hiking the Superstition Mountains. Everything has changed since the day I met you in July!”


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