Partnership on Purpose
Couples Retreat

This special couples-focused event will guide you to create a deeper connection with yourself and your partner.

During this exclusive 4-day, 3-night event, expert coaches will work with you individually and in groups
to design a customized partnership plan to help you up-level your relationship.

You will also learn step-by-step techniques to better communicate with your partner mentally, physically, and emotionally.
This will give you insight that will open up a new found level of connection.

Coach Details

Four experts in physical, mental, and emotional well-being come together for this amazing experience.

Dr. Lori is a Life, Relationship & Sexual Wellness Coach who specializes in behavior modification.  Her unique Sextacular® coaching program empowers others to live a healthy, happy and passionate life.  She is a published author, TEDx speaker, former host of the Sextacular®YOU! radio-podcast,  yoga teacher and has 25 years experience in health care, higher education and leadership development.  Dr. Lori has dedicated her life to the health and spiritual wellness of others out of her own healing journey.

After freeing herself from Celiac Disease (dx 2008) and Hashimoto’s (dx 2013), Kirstin has become a leading expert in helping others stop symptoms, reverse disease progression, and heal from autoimmune. Her training and education as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Chef, Neuro Linguistic Programing Practitioner, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner, her work with hundreds of autoimmune clients, and her own personal healing journey has helped her cohesively tie together the three crucial components (Nutrition, Science, and Soul) needed to heal and reach autoimmune freedom.

Though Anthony’s original career path began as an IT professional for large law firms, his life long passion around natural health and wellness won out and he shifted gears to become a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. He furthered his education, by going even deeper into the science and biology around Epigenetics, lab interpretation, live blood analysis, nutrient support, and physical training, and is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Live Blood Analysis Practitioner, and… a pastry chef! Anthony joined the Nourish Coaching Staff in 2014, and has helped raise the Nourish Healing Program to new levels of healing and freedom for hundreds of Nourish clients.

A licensed massage practitioner with 14 years of therapeutic massage experience and a passion to educate clients how to heal their bodies.  Certified in Postural Assessment & Restoration, TMJ & Neck Release, Thoracic Outlet (frozen shoulder) Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Disorder, Low Back Release, and Plantar Fasciitis Treatment and PNF Stretching.  In combination with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Re-education, Myotherapy, Thai foot massage and Acupressure.  He bridges the gap between western medicine and alternative healing modalities with safe, nurturing and healing treatments.

Event Details

Four days and three nights including: 

- - - - - - - - - -

BASIC PACKAGE ($3997 Per Couple)


  • Accommodations
  • Meals and beverages
  • Massage and bodywork
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Personal assessments
  • Labs, interpretation, and recommendation
  • Customized Partnership Plan
  • Experiential workshops

VIP PACKAGE ($4997 Per Couple)

In addition to the items in the Basic Package,
you also get...

  • Your choice of available rooms
  • Upgraded massage and bodywork
  • Advanced labs and preparation
  • Personal recommended health plan
  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions
  • A special video series on techniques to ignite more pleasure in the bedroom


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Thurs March 21st, 2019 — Check-In at 3:00 pm
Sun March 24th, 2019 — Wrap up at Noon




Chef prepared, whole food, organic, and can accommodate plant based. If there are food allergies or other special restrictions, you must alert us prior to the program so you can be accommodated. All dishes will be organic and free from gluten, dairy, GMOs, processed sugars, and other nonsense.


Travel to and from COD Ranch in Tucson is the responsibility of the attendee.

The Main House at COD Rranch accommodations (or Hacienda) has a small sitting room with fireplace, a commercial kitchen, and a large dining hall which seats up to 90 people.

They also offer 20 delightfully appointed rustic casitas reflective of the old west and colonial Mexico.

The Casitas in total contain 24 rooms with a combined capacity of up to 90 sleepover guests.



There is limited space for this exclusive event. It is purposely kept to a small group so you get the most impact from the experience!

To request an application for this exclusive program and set up an appointment to discuss this opportunity, please click the button below:

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