Damages for Pain & Suffering

Lawsuits that pay “damages” when someone has “suffered” due to someone else’s negligence. “Pain and suffering” is a legally support concept which is supported by money. So your pain, suffering, symptoms, issues… are all “measurable and legitimate losses. So, every day you are suffering with pain, foggy brain, fear, acne, wight gain, disconnect from your friends, spouse, children… no longer doing things you love like hiking, traveling, painting, dancing, hanging out with friends… they are all a valuable loss.

Maybe you closed your business, or left your job, or stopped making plans with friends because you feel terrible or can no longer trust how you’re going to feel and it’s just easier not to make plans or have people depend on you.

And that’s just not ok.

So, if you were a jury, how would you measure the loss of joy you are experiencing right now from no longer participating in the activities and experiences you use to love?

How much money would it be to reimburse that amount of suffering and loss?

Is it $20K? $100k? $1 million?

How much is it worth for you to get that back?

How much longer can you afford to pay those kinds of damages? Because even if you’re not paying them in actual dollars, you are paying them in loss of wages, lost clients, lost of joy, loss of time with your loved ones, loss of time trying to find an answer, loss of belief that you will ever get better, and loss of health – which can be catastrophic.

So, ask yourself this… why are you still allowing yourself to suffer and lose?

And how much longer are you willing to pay these hefty losses?

How much more are you willing to pay?

You have the power to make the CHOICE to stop the bleeding… of costs and end the suffering for you and the people who care about you.

Because you are not the only one who is suffering. This is impacting everyone around you. And as much as you try to hide the pain and the suffering from your family and friends… they feel it. They are also suffering by losing the connection with you. And losing the ability to see you at your best self. At your truest, deepest, authentic you.

And that… is a terrible terrible loss.

Suffering is a choice.

It is. And if that makes you angry, then I’m sorry. Well… actually, I’m not so sorry. I’m actually excited for you, because it means your brain is reacting to something it feels deeply… which means… you are potentially dancing right along the edge of a major break through in your healing trajectory, that will completely change your life.

And if you’re interested in what it will take to actually change your life and get your health back, then take deep breath….

Let go…

And continue reading…

First, decide that you are worth enough to stop your pain and suffering and decide… once and for all… to choose freedom.

Freedom… from what’s holding you back.
Freedom… from things which are not serving you.
Freedom… from thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that perhaps once helped you but are now not propelling you forward.
Freedom… from the nonsense you’ve been told about how your symptoms or disease are not reversible.
Freedom… from fear.
​​​​​​​Freedom… from confusion.
​​​​​​​Freedom… of misinformation.

When I’m coaching a client on retraining her brain, I’m often helping her get a better insight into how or why her thoughts or behaviors are in her way and no longer serving her.

Stick with me here…

The subconscious brain (which is the part which silently rules 90% of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions) focuses on repetitive patterns and what it’s most familiar with.

So, if you’re doing, thinking, or believing something which is harmful to you, there has to be a reason why you continue that action, thought, or belief.

And it often is attached to your core identity and values system.

For example, If you believe that asking for help is a weakness, and figuring out how to heal on your own is the only respectable way to do it, then asking for help is bad in your core identity. This means, that it would be worse to get help – even if it was the exact help you needed and said you wanted – than the suffering you will endure as you continue trying to find a solution on your own.

Keep in mind, these thoughts are not conscious or rational. They are usually running under the surface of your conscious thoughts, whispering to you ever so quietly saying things like:

If you accept help, that means you have failed. You can figure this out on your own. Things are that bad, yet. If you read just one more book or watch one more video or read one more FB post then maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for.

But seriously, the answer you need isn’t in the next post, blog, or diet. And if you were brutally honest with yourself, you already know that.

You’re smart. You’ve done the research. You’ve read the blogs. You’ve seen the videos. You’ve done the diets.

And, honestly, if a complete solution was in any of those things, you would have found it by now.

But you haven’t.

Or, perhaps, you believe that your needs have to come after everyone else’s needs have been satisfied. And putting your needs above your children, or spouse, or clients, or friends would be WORSE than your private suffering from symptoms while you steal moments here and there trying to find a solution in your “spare time” once you feel “everyone else’s needs have been taken care of.”

This is misalignment of core identity.

Because in order to truly serve others best, you must be at your best self. And to be at your best self, you must put your primary healing needs first. By putting other’s first, you actually create an internal identity conflict, which will not only cause your symptoms to get worse, it will actually hurt your ability to serve others at your best.

I spoke with a woman not that long ago who was crying as she told me how bad her Hashimoto’s symptoms had gotten. She even admitted that she feared she would leave her five children motherless because her symptoms were getting progressively worse. She said she was ready to heal and was ready to do anything in order to do that.

I was 100% confident that given the right tools, process, and support designed specifically for her the way we do for all our clients, that she would not only be able to stop the progression of her disease, but that she would be able to not only heal from the damage caused by the Hashimoto’s, but also surface her authentic, balanced true self.

But sadly, her underlying core beliefs surfaced about her sense of self worth. When we discussed investing in herself in order to reach all of her health and life goals, she instantly caved in on herself.

“Oh, my husband would never let me spend that much on my healing,” she said.

And her mother, who had been part of our conversation the entire time was appalled by this and called her daughter out by saying, “But he would spend that much on a new gun for his collection!”

She replied, “Yes, but he’s former military, so he needs his guns.”

Her subconscious brain over ruled what she said she wanted, and she choose to stick with what had become familiar to her… suffering and putting the needs of others first.

Obviously, because you’re not emotionally attached to this woman or her husband and his guns, it’s probably clear to you that gun is not an actual need. And that the fear of dying, is something that should probably be way up high on the list of needs, right?

Of course you see that, just as this woman’s mother saw it. But because of her underlying, subconscious belief which she was not ready or willing to let go of, she will sadly stay stuck and not be able to heal.

And as a healer, this makes me sad, and frustrated, and angry.

But, I cannot want someone’s healing more than they do.

So, let me ask you… what underlying core identity belief is stopping you from healing?

What belief block (which often masks itself as an excuse) is in your way that you must remove in order to accepting the help you need in order to heal?

How much more should you suffer before you push that block out of your way and stop up and claim your health?

One of the most brilliant examples of pushing a belief block out of the way and shifting perspective came from one of our clients, Leslie.

NOTE: If you want to hear the whole story: click this link www.nourish123.com/success (You can jump to 30 mins and 20 seconds if you want to see this specific part – and I promise you it’s worth it. Spoiler alert… It’s the first time a client has made me cry on camera.)

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Leslie: I don’t know if you remember, when you told us, but my grandma was like [gasp!]…

Kirstin: You mean how much the program was?

Leslie: Right. And she just about fell out of her chair!

Group: [laughter]

Leslie: But… I had just told my husband a few weeks prior, “I really think you should up my life insurance. Like, something’s not right.” 

[tears] And I truly knew that where I was in my life was not good. And the for some reason, somehow… your voodoo magic, whatever… [laugh] you popped up in my feed on Facebook. 

I have no idea on how I even found you. Or you found me. 

And I financially couldn’t do the program. I had to take out of my retirement just to do it, but I knew… what’s the price you want to pay? 

Do you want to take out more life insurance because your kids won’t have you around? Or do you take out part of your future that you’re trying to save up for ‘cause you want to be here… And… I don’t know. You get what I’m saying…. 

‘Cause that’s what I need to do to get here because I was in that bad of a place. 

So if anything, for that whole emotional part, when you struggle over the money, you really have to counterbalance what truly is important in your life. So that’s where I’m at!

And I don’t regret it at all!

Kirstin: So you pulled from your future, so that you would have one?

Leslie: Yes.

And as you saw, if you watched the whole video, in just 12 weeks, Leslie was in a totally different place, had reconciled with her spouse, and was killing it on her health goals. And even better, she knew with certainty that she was on the right track for long term, consistent success!

And that was the best, straight-forward example I’d seen in a long time of someone taking a core fear – a core block – and pushing it out of the way.

So I want you to really think about this and take a deep breath.

Ask yourself…
​​​​​​​What is actually stopping you?
What kind of damages are you suffering through?
​​​​​​​What kind of pain are you having right now because you’re not making the choice to step up and push whatever’s in your way right now out of the way, put yourself first, and decide once and for all that YOU are important enough to do whatever it takes to heal?

We see this over and over and over. And there is a direct link between illness, especially autoimmune conditions, and blocks like these. Because what happens is the immune system looks at your soul, it looks at who you are, and it sees that you’re not even stepping up for yourself. You’re putting everyone and everything else in your way.

So your immune system gets confused, and doesn’t believe you’re worth saving.

There’s a direct connection between the immune system attack and moving blocks out of your way, to show your body that you’re worth it.

Your symptoms and even your disease are simply signals from your body saying that there’s a problem.

They are signals saying, “Hey! I need help!”

They are signals saying, “I need you to pay attention to me, and move these damn blocks out of the way because I need to live!”

So, if you’re suffering right now, you need to think long and hard about why juries give millions of dollars to people when they’ve been injured by someone else. But what kind of costs are involved when you’re the one doing the damage?

If you’re staying stuck because you’re not moving your blocks out of the way…

How much is that worth?

It’s measurable.

It’s palpable.

It’s tangible.

And you don’t deserve this.

So, if you’re at a point where you’re ready to step up… and you are saying, “I’m done! I can’t do this anymore! I deserve better! And I’m going to push these blocks out of my way! I’m going to face the fears and whatever is in my path stopping me and blocking me!

If you’re ready to have that conversation. And you want to see if, or how we potentially could work together to help you move your blocks and achieve your health goals, then jump on our calendar.

Get on our calendar and have a quick conversation with us about your goals and blocks.

If we don’t think you’re a good fit, then we’ll do our best to put you on the right path.

If we do see you’re a good fit, then we’ll set up time to talk about what that would look like.

I’m really looking forward to talking with you.

Take a deep breath.

And get yourself on the right path!

Talk to you soon!

Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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