Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression

With busy family lives and debilitating symptoms to manage, hear how these three very different women are finding freedom and their healthy, vibrant selves!


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Additional Case Studies and Real Stories of Autoimmune Freedom

Symptom Reversal and Healing isn’t a Miracle…
Our bodies were designed to heal.
You need to know how to support the body and give it what it needs.

Watch the case studies below to see people just like you, who have found their freedom from autoimmune disease and related symptoms.


Graves Disease


Hashimoto's, Fatty Liver, and Binge Eating


Type 2 Diabetes & Fatty Liver


Joe - Fatty Liver & Digestive Distress Denise - Myasthenia Gravis & Thyroid Disorder


Rheumatoid Arthritis




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Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot

In the initial, short, 10-15 minute phone conversation, you’ll speak directly with Anthony. The purpose of this meeting is to see if, or how, we can help. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions to see your goals are a good fit with our approach.

If it’s not a good fit, which happens about 30% of the time, Anthony will let you know we’re not the right team to help you reach your goals, and he’ll make some recommendations to get you on the right path.

If it is a good fit, then Anthony will recommend you move on to a Freedom Strategy Session with Kirstin.

There is no charge for either of these meetings.

Anthony will email you a link to Kirstin’s calendar so you can make an appointment that works for your schedule. He will also send you some additional details and recommendations so you are best prepared for the meeting and get the most benefit from it.

The goal of the Freedom Strategy Session is for Kirstin to get more information about you and further determine if it’s a good fit. She will ask about your short and long term health goals, get deeper into your health history, and help surface hurdles and blocks stopping you from reaching your goals. If she feels the Nourish Team can help you get those hurdles out of the way, then she’ll explain what that would look like. If she doesn’t feel it’s a good fit, then she will do her best to guide you to another path.

The Freedom Strategy Session typically takes 60-90 minutes and there is no charge for this meeting.

We have yet to see traditional health insurance pay for natural healing programs that actually work to help people get better.

Traditional “healthcare” programs are called “managed care” programs for a reason. They are directly tied in with hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies, which only make money when people have to continue to “manage” their illnesses through drugs, surgeries, and doctor or hospital visits.

Nourish works to help you balance your body so it doesn’t remain dependent on toxic medicine and the ineffective traditional medical process.

On a positive note, however, we are seeing more and more flex spending programs reimburse clients who work with us, and on several occasions clients have had the entire payment covered by “health share” programs, often provided through their church.

Absolutely not.

In fact, our goal is to get you OFF dependence of most, if not all, supplements and ultimately teach you how to support your body to get what it needs through the proper nutrition and emotional balance designed just for you.

Though each client is unique, most of our clients end up saving hundreds of dollars a month by working with us, because they are able to stop buying costly supplements almost immediately.

Our programs are not designed to get you hooked on a monthly cycle of supplements. And even if we do recommend a supplement, you do not have to buy it from us.

That answer depends on if it’s a good fit, and if it is, which of our various Autoimmune Freedom programs is most ideal for you based on your goals and current state of health.

Currently, our programs are typically 12-months in length, are customized for each client, and include labs. Programs begin around $5k. Payment options are available, and spread out over the length of the specific program.

Some people are not eligible for every program, and not everyone is accepted as a client.

If during the Freedom Strategy Session, we all feel it’s a good fit, then we will recommend the program most ideal for you based on your health challenges and specific health goals.

The reason Nourish clients typically get such effective results is because we are very clear about who our programs serve best, and what is required to get results.

If we do not feel you will be successful for any reason, you will not be accepted as a client.

This is why we have multiple meetings with you prior to determining client acceptance. We want to be sure it’s a good fit.

Our goal is that you find the right solution for long term health based on your goals and your unique state of health. And if it’s not the right fit, then we will be super clear about that.

We understand your skepticism and appreciate how frustrated you must be. Trust is a crucial part of the healing process and if you don’t feel aligned with your practitioners or your healing plan, then you won’t see success the way you should.

This need for alignment and trust is one of the many reasons Anthony and Kirstin are so much a part of the initial meeting process, and why there is never any pressure to move forward if everyone doesn’t feel it’s a good fit.

Before you even have the opportunity to become a client, you will meet with each of them, to see if it’s a good fit. If they feel it is, and you feel aligned with the recommended plan, then you can move forward to become a Nourish client.

Kirstin went through a frustrating, exhaustive, and incredibly expensive process, during her autoimmune healing journey, so she and Anthony understand personally how upsetting it can be. So, they created a pre-client process which help address those fears and concerns.

If you haven’t already done so, watch the clip below pulled from one of the Nourish healing workshops. It will help you nail down the specific pieces you’ve been missing in your journey and why you didn’t get what you needed from the things you’ve tried so far.

And it will help you see clearly, why this is different.


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