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Align & Ascend Program

All of the pieces needed to achieve physical alignment by balancing the body’s nutritional, physiological, and emotional needs, and ascend further and deeper by accessing spiritual alignment.

Our 7-months together will include:

PLAN: Personalized Assessment and Strategy to create physical alignment and launch your new trajectory. With reviews of past and recent labs

TOOLS: The exact tools need to create a solid foundation and uplevel to your highest Self

SUPPORT: The guidance, support, and community you need to shift old paradigms, dissolve negative patterns, and tap into your true potential.

The Bonuses:

This vault includes exclusive access to special exercises to drop into your subconscious mind and surface information to you didn’t even realize you knew!

This collection includes powerful relaxation experiences designed to release anxiety, tension, and fear, and activate healing and energy.


This series includes 5 incredible videos to help you connect to inner wounded children, surface fears and traumas, and ultimately heal and be set free!

What You'll Learn:

This comprehensive coaching program is designed to get you solid, rapid results.
We combine high level coaching and support with coaching clinics as we guide you through a step-by-step roadmap.
You’re going to do it with support side-by-side with me and my brilliant coaching team
and be supported as you evolve to your next level.

Phase One:

Establish Your Foundation

  1. Set your nutritional starting point so you know how to best support yourself through the right foods for you to feel balanced, energized, and supported.

  2. Receive an assessment reviewing past labs, getting recommendations on new labs (through your doctor or through us), so you understand your physiology trajectory and how to scientifically optimize your results.

  3. Create a strong understanding of how to tap into your subconscious and dissolve blocks keeping you from achieving your goals.

Phase Two:

Building Your Framework

  1. Create intentions that pull the life experience you desire towards you.

  2. Leverage inspired action, energy, & vibration to reach your desires quicker and more easily

  3. Tapping into the power of your subconscious and the Theta state.

Phase Three:

Removing Blocks & Uncovering Clear Answers

  1. Surfacing hidden beliefs and paradigms in your way

  2. Using the Truth Detector technique to get clear answers and make the best decisions.

  3. Using the power of epigenetics to help you succeed and clear generation trauma.

Phase Four:

Healing & Setting Your Butterfly Free

  1. Healing relationships.

  2. Welcoming adversity to springboard your success and happiness.

  3. The secrets to being highly valued and compensated.

You are the perfect fit to apply if you:

  • are ready to implement a new approach to achieve the healthy and fulfilling life experience you want…

  • want to empower yourself and don’t want to get into the chasing the symptoms rut…

  • ready for the challenge of claiming your freedom…

  • and want the right support and personal strategy to get there.

We want you to learn how to to live the life you want NOW…

So… if you’re still looking for a:

  • Magic pill or quick fix so you don’t have to actually make lasting, impactful changes

  • Way to commiserate with others and reinforce your negative beliefs that you’re not worth it

  • An excuse to stay stuck and reinforce your negative paradigm…
Then this isn’t the right program for you.
And that’s not a judgement. We want people to experience life feeling free, empowered, and fulfilled.
There are lots of other programs out there that will sell you whatever short-term detox, power of positivity, law of attraction thing they’ve got.
But in the end, if you aren’t open to making a shift, doing the work, and claiming your freedom… then you’re going to end up spending money with nothing to show for it.
I know you’re worth it. But you are the only one who can take action proving to yourself that you are.

My Vision For You:

Let’s get you out of giant mess of magic pills, quick fixes, and one-size-fits-all protocols.
Let’s get you into the vibe of waking up knowing exactly who you are, what you want, and what you have to do to experience your ideal life. Feeling confident, energetic, and aligned with your authentic self!

How You'll Be Supported:

  1. Weekly Interactive Learning sessions with Kirstin in Your Private Ascend Group

  2. Weekly Coaching Clinics with the Nourish Coaching Team

  3. Access to the Clients-Only Community

Real Client Stories

Click the computer screen image to hear our clients’ stories.


Brain fog, Confusion, Frustration,
Disconnect with Self

Rubi shares her journey through our Heal Your Fractured Soul program, and how she went from debilitating symptoms like brain fog, confusion, and frustration to gaining clarity and finally feeling like herself again!


Inflammation, Poor sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Lupus, Dermatomyositis

Aida shares from the heart about how working with Nourish has allowed her to embrace herself like never before, and heal in ways beyond her wildest imagination… allowing her to step into the light as the woman she’s always known herself to be. You’ve got to see it to believe it!


Debilitating pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme Disease, Disfigured joints

Beverley shares her journey into soul-work and the transformations she’s had come out of that journey, from feeling stuck noodling in her bed-ridden condition to victoriously creating healing and freedom of movement for herself again!