16 Ways to Know if You’re a Freak at the Table

Here are 16 Ways to Know if You’re A Freak at the Table.

    1. You ask no fewer than five questions of restaurant service staff before you even consider options on the menu.
    2. You carry a list of food items you cannot or will not eat that you give to waiters or hosts.

  1. You’ve cut entire brands out of your life because of one ingredient.
  2. You have multiple apps on your phone to help you find “safe” restaurants.
  3. You take three times longer to go food shopping because you read every label on every food item you are considering buying – even items you buy all the time.
  4. You measure the success of a meal by how you felt after you ate it, and then consider how it tasted.
  5. Your friends and family make you choose where to eat because you have the most food restrictions.
  6. “Weird foods” seem normal to you: quinoa, hemp seeds, spelt, kale, Swiss chard, tamari, chia seed, etc.
  7. You’ve ended up at a group event eating a plate of unseasoned mashed potatoes and three slices of unseasoned ahi tuna on a pile of undressed romaine lettuce that was “specially made for you by the chef.”
Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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