But the Package Says It’s Good for Me!

My fellow National Speakers Association friend Ron Culberson, CSP, is a humorist and one hellova guy.  He posted a short article today that was definitely worth a re-posting here on Nourish123.  As in most of Ron’s rantings, not only is it funny, it brings up a spectacular point.  This one is about the packaging of food: don’t take nutritional advice from the package! You can check out more on Ron at www.Funsulting.com

Cocoa Krispies is Not Healthy?

San Francisco attorney Dennis Herrera has challenged Kellogg Company suggesting that Cocoa Krispies does not “support your child’s immunity” as the cereal boxes previously claimed. If you’d like to read the more serious version of this issue, go here: S.F.’s Dennis Herrera Stands up to Kellogg.

Is Kellogg so stupid that it thinks we will believe that a brown sugary rice cereal that turns your milk an unnatural color is good for your immune system? Please. And are we, as consumers, stupid enough to believe it? I’d like nothing more than for Cocoa Krispies to be good for me. But as Jack Lalanne said, “If it tastes good, spit it out.” Some of you may question whether Cocoa Krispies does taste good and I will allow you that. I’m more of a Cap’n Crunch man myself anyway. But most of the children in America… would place a vote of confidence in the tastiness of Cocoa Krispies.

For the past few years, I only eat cereal that looks and tastes like sticks or bark. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll get cancer or that my intestines will bind up. So, I’ve eaten none of that sugary breakfast goodness I enjoyed in my younger years.

But even as our country gets healthier, the food industry keeps peddling crap and tries to convince us that it’s healthy crap.

We should all stand up to these corporate idiots like Dennis Herrera did and demand a change. Lets join together and tell them, “We’re not eating your crap until it tastes like crap.”


Though, of course, the reason for the opening of Nourish restaurant in Scottsdale in March is to help the good food taste good and not like crap.  So, if you want good food that TASTE good to you… be sure to visit us.  And, if you’re not sure what “good for you” food is anymore, we’re happy to do a “food makeover” for you and teach you exactly what you should be eating.  We will even create a Nourish personal meal plan for you.

Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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