Getting the Right Support

Find a practitioner who is already where you want to be and understands what you’re going though. If you could have stopped the progression of your disease, turned your symptoms around, and healed… you would have done so already.

To accelerate your results, and stop further damage, you will need to get guidance and support from knowledgeable practitioners who understand.

It’s nearly impossible to give yourself a very good haircut – even if you’re a brilliant hair dresser. You need perspective – which is difficult to have when it’s your head of hair.

And, since chances are likely that cutting hair is not your trained profession, it’s probably not the thing you do for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, and have been doing for 15 years.

And if you’re not trained to do it, and your perspective is skewed, it’s difficult to see your own blind spots and anticipate problems you’ve never experienced.

You get a good haircut when you reach out to a professional and you get an exceptional, stunning new look when you work with the best in their field.

If you were to require a brain surgery, this would not be the moment to reach out to a general practitioner or even worse, to a friend who is starting medical school. No.

A serious situation requires guidance from an exceptional expert who knows what they’re doing and who does this successfully all day long. The same is true for getting help to heal your body.

This is what I discovered for myself. When I first started having symptoms from Celiac Disease (and later Hashimoto’s), I followed the traditional methods. I saw the traditional doctors and “specialists.” I did the labs. I took the meds. And… even after my diagnosis, I got worse.

Then, because I wasn’t getting anywhere with traditional medicine, I decided to try a combination of trying to do it on my own, along with seeing some naturopathic and functional medicine doctors.

And I started researching… and researching… and researching….

And spending money or more labs, tons of supplements, and alternative treatments.

I’ve followed tons of diets from vegan, raw, paleo, autoimmune paleo, low histamine, low latex, FODMAP, and so many others.

I’ve done acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, biofeedback, food sensitivity testing, frequency specific microcurrent, nutrient testing, heavy metal testing, hormone replacement, massage, cupping, yoga….

There was so much more, and it’s exhausting to think of how much time, effort, and money I spent trying to find a solution, but only finding fractured pieces.

And since I was spending the money in small chunks and segments, I didn’t realize how much I was spending.

I was bleeding money all over the place. There was $20 here and $30 there for co-pays. $375 for nutrient testing that my insurance didn’t cover. $580 for the hormone testing, that my insurance wouldn’t cover. $400 for a first-time visit to a new naturopath and $150 for each additional office visit, that my insurance wouldn’t cover. $42 for a new supplement here and $75 for another supplement. And eventually I was regularly spending $250 a month and more for supplements.

I didn’t really mind digging into my pockets to pay for labs, or visits that my insurance wouldn’t cover. What upset me was that I didn’t really see the results I had been hoping for.

My food sensitivities seemed to bet getting worse, the embarrassing digestive issues continued along with my terribly painful cystic acne.

A new rash suddenly appeared that no one could identify and my migraines still appeared “for no reason.”

I couldn’t lose weight no matter how hard I worked out and how perfectly I ate. (Oh and then when I DID finally lose weight, I lost so much, so fast that people began hinting (not so subtly) that they were worried I had an eating disorder. Then I couldn’t get it to balance out. Grrrr.)

So after several years of suffering, researching (oh so much researching), seeing both traditional and natural doctors… I was about $25K in the hole (some of which I had to borrow from my family), and I felt like I really had nothing to show for it but a cabinet full of partially used supplements and herbs. And I had picked up a SECOND autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) in the process. Fantastic.

This is when I went back to school for nutrition, closed my consulting company, and opened a gluten-free restaurant in Arizona.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know about healing, and I certainly did not know how to heal from a complex issue such as autoimmune disease. Of course, to make it more fun, I now had to heal from two autoimmune issues and was terrified there was another one (or two) waiting in the wings.

What I also didn’t realize then was, with each new level of discovery on why this was happening to me or what the symptoms meant, there was another hidden level of healing.

And what I finally discovered is that the practitioners I had been seeing, didn’t understand those levels either because, though some may have been “experts” in a particular part of the body (endocrinologist, cardiologist, gastro-internist, etc.), none of them were experts in total healing for someone with autoimmune disease.

Not one of them understood how to help me heal… fully.

You’re smart. If you could have healed on your own already, or healed with the practitioners you have been working with, then you would have done it already. And it takes a strong character like yours to be able to vulnerably admit that you don’t know what you don’t know. Or to go against the advice of doctors who have lead you down the wrong path, but were supposed to have the answers.

Here’s my advice:

Dig deep inside yourself and be truthful… do you believe you are going to get better following the path you are currently on?

Seek out a practitioner who understands what you’re dealing with, has had to travel their own healing path, and now lives the healthy life that you are striving towards. (Someone who can show you the ropes and help you avoid the pitfalls so you can leverage their many years of real-life experience and mastery.)

Watch videos and testimonials to get a feel for whether you will get results.

Then, take the leap of faith and hire them to partner with you to create, and guide you through, your unique healing path.

Follow their advice of, “I’ve been where you are and now I’m on the other side of it. Do this, not that.”

Follow the steps and processes they’ve created that have already worked and been vetted by hundreds and hundreds of other people like you (without overthinking it too much).

Borrow their belief and experience in healing until you fully believe it yourself.

Then go all-in on your health and follow their advice. I would have given anything for a clear path on what I specifically had to do to heal for me. But sadly, there was nothing out there like that when I was struggling. That’s why Anthony and I both went back to school, and created the Nourish Autoimmune Freedom Program for the masses of people with autoimmune disease and related symptoms so they could get all the unique pieces they needed to heal.

This is a proven approach. If you resonate with me and what you’re reading here, perhaps we should talk.

You can visit to set up an exploratory call about what it would be like to join the Nourish Autoimmune Freedom program yourself. This strategy call is free. (We are here to listen deeply about your health challenges, where you’d like to be in 3 – 12 months, and we’ll help you map out a plan for getting there, whether it involves us or not. We are happy to help either way.)

If you’re ready to read more about complete Autoimmune Freedom, click the button below to download our 9 Autoimmune Freedom Activators report and get ready to discover your unique path to long term, total healing.

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