A Broken System

The United States recently won, for the FIFTH year in a row, the pathetic designation of having the WORST health care system among industrialized nations by the Commonwealth Fund due to poor outcomes, despite spending the most amount of money.

So, if you continue to seek help from traditional medical doctors, trained only to look for a diagnosis and prescribe medications based on that diagnosis, then you are going to stay on the hamster wheel of symptoms, illness, and disease.

You don’t need a diagnosis, what you need is the answer to one simple, one-word question: Why?

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • Why is my body reacting like this?
  • Why do I have these symptoms?
  • Why am I not getting better, despite efforts?
  • Why can’t my body heal?
  • Why is the only answer medication?
  • Why don’t my doctors have acceptable answers to my questions?

And I’ll give you a hint: the answers are NOT:

  • “Because you are destined for disease.”
  • “Because it’s genetic.” (Genetics play a SMALL role in disease. Environment plays a GIANT role in influencing genetics. If genetics were the only answer, then everyone who has a parent with a disease would always get that disease. Which obviously isn’t the case.)

Break free of traditional healthcare and get solution that works for you and doesn’t keep you stuck in a system that doesn’t support (or even understand) complete healing.

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Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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