Belief Drives Health

How you see yourself (your self image or personal identity), is more important to healing than following the “perfect diet” or finding the “perfect supplement.”

Every day, we talk to women (and some men) who say they are desperate for a solution to heal. They say they can no longer continue living day-to-day with their fatigue, foggy brain, mid-section weight gain, pain, anxiety, or digestive distress.

They cry and tell stories of not living fully because they are unable to engage completely with their families, co-workers, and friends due to their symptoms.

They cancel plans because they are afraid they won’t feel well enough. They’ve left jobs because they cannot handle the day-to-day pressures and physical demands, and they begin to lose hope that they will ever get better.

Sadly, many of these women and men are also unable to claim their health and step up for themselves because of fear, loss of belief, or lack of self love.

For example, Charlotte, a 42-year-old mother of five, was in tears when she explained how bad her Hashimoto’s symptoms were getting. They were getting so bad, in fact, she said that she feared that she may die. She said she didn’t want to leave her children motherless and that she was willing to do what it took to get well. She knew it wasn’t necessarily going to be easy to make some of the lifestyle changes, but she was excited for the opportunity to heal and was ready to get her life back!

But when we discussed investing $3,000 in her healing, she said: “My husband would never let me spend that on my health!”

And then her mother, who was part of the conversation from the beginning, turned and said, “But he would spend that much and MORE for another gun for his collection!”

Charlotte stammered and said, “Yes, but he’s former military and needs his guns.”

All of Charlotte’s excitement drained out of her. And she dug her heels in on her belief that her health was worth less than another gun.

Self-worth and belief are directly tied to disease.

Studies show that negative self worth will actually push its way into the cells and tissues of the body and will become physically and mentally part of identity. If the body believes it’s “less than,” it won’t have the ability to fight back and obtain balance. And disease will win out.

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Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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