You Were Designed to Heal

The body is an amazing creation.

It was designed to constantly strive for homeostasis (overall balance) – emotionally, mentally, and physically – and the body will make adjustments to achieve that balance whenever it’s needed.

As part of that process, the body ultimately has the ability to heal. It just needs the right tools and support.

Our cells, tissues, bones… they can all heal naturally.

If this were not true, then any time you cut yourself, you would be left with that gaping cut forever. But of course, that’s not the case, and your body mends itself – usually so well, you can’t even tell there was ever damage in the first place.

The ability to heal is also true for the rest of your body as well.

So, just because you’ve been “diagnosed” with something, doesn’t mean you should give up or that you cannot heal from the damage that was done. This applies for physical, mental, and emotional damage, too.

In order to heal, however, you have to change the things that caused that damage in the first place.

So, if you cut yourself, and then the next day, you cut yourself again, and the next day, you cut yourself again… and again… and again… and continue to cut yourself, over and over in the same place, the cut will not heal and will absolutely get worse.

Without realizing it, we often “cut” ourselves over and over through poor diet, harmful medications, destructive thoughts, trauma, and increased levels of stress. These things cause inflammation, cell damage, and the destruction of tissue… which leads to symptoms… organ damage… disease… anxiety… and more problems.

Given the right support, the body can heal from nearly any disease.

The crucial component to healing lies in identifying and stopping the specific originating inflammatory factors which caused the damage in the first place.

Ultimately… the body knows how to heal… but first, you have to stop what’s causing the harm in the first place.

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