Season 2, Episode 4

What’s With the Diagnosis?

Yesterday, Anthony and I discussed the concept of getting a solid diagnosis and whether or not it even MATTERS…

Here are some of the issues we see revolving around focusing ON the diagnosis…

  • The nightmare of “yet”… your doctor doesn’t have an official diagnosis because the lab doesn’t show results that are that bad… yet. They don’t know what to do without a diagnosis and therefore often do nothing… while you just get sicker.
  • Guessing at the underlying root cause… making assumptions rarely helps. Treating something that isn’t really there can be detrimental to your health!
  • Not seeing your illness as a whole… chasing a diagnosis can sometimes distract from how the science, food, and soul come together for true healing.

So if you suffer from…

  • extreme exhaustion
  • digestive issues
  • chronic pain
  • food sensitivities
  • thyroid or hormone issues

… and doctor’s can’t figure out what’s really going on… then this episode is perfect for you!

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Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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