Season 1, Episode 21

How to Treat Autoimmune Disease as a Whole

Yesterday, Anthony and I discussed how to treat Autoimmune Disease as a whole and complete process.

Every episode, we talk about the three main components of a complete healing process…

  1. the Nutrition
  2. the Science
  3. the Soul

So how do we bring all three of these components together and working in harmony?

To explain this, we break down:

  • how to not get caught up in chasing the symptoms, the labs, or the diagnoses because they’re easier to see (science)
  • why diets have to be customized to the needs of the body, and how those needs can change over time (nutrition)
  • how to access and understand the more subtle aspects of your symptoms and disease (soul)

So, if your GOAL is to understand more about your Autoimmune Disease and how to approach your healing as a whole and complete process… then this episode is perfect for you!

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Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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