Interview with Linda Cruikshank

We recently went live to interview a special guest to talk about her journey to healing and the sustainability of her long-term success!

Linda Cruikshank is a past Nourish client who suffered from a myriad of issues when she met Kirstin and Anthony, including type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, constant pain, autoimmune conditions, and limited mobility.

After working with Kirstin and Anthony, Linda found herself feeling 90% healed, she had come off all of her steroids, and no longer needed more than a dozen previous other medications she used to take.

And now, three years later, she’s thriving like never before!

Click the video below to watch the replay:

Interview with Linda Cruikshank

This event – and many others like it – take place in our “Reverse Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease” group – but you have to be a member of the group to watch them live!

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We look forward to seeing you there.

Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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