5 Warning Signs That Your Medication is HURTING You

1 – You are worse off than when you first started taking it.

Have your symptoms gotten worse (or haven’t changed) since you started taking your medication? Is your dosing going up? Are you taking additional medications? If you are worse off, then your medications are definitely hurting you.

2 – Unstable dosing

Is your doctor or practitioner having difficulty figuring out what dosage is right for you? When your dosing is bouncing all over the place it’s because your body is fighting the pharmaceutical and trying to do its job! This is your way of talking to you and telling you that the medication isn’t what it needs and there’s something else that you haven’t uncovered, yet.

3 – Are new symptoms appearing?

Since you began taking the medication are new symptoms showing up? Medications don’t discriminate. In other words, they don’t care what part of your body they are supposed to impact, they will have an affect on the entire body including your liver, kidneys, brain, heart, gut, and central nervous system. Even if your new symptoms don’t seem related, they may absolutely be a RESULT of the medication you are taking. Double check the side effects of the meds and make sure you aren’t making things worse.

4 – Root Cause

What is the purpose of the medication? Has it been prescribed to DESTROY the root cause of your symptoms so the body can get back to balance, or is it just supposed to squash the symptoms? Has your practitioner even talked to you about the underlying REASON for your symptoms, or have you only been given a diagnosis and handed a prescription. In rare cases, medications are needed to stop a true underlying root cause, otherwise, most meds are there just to temporarily hold back symptoms – which doesn’t help you heal.

5 – Is There A Plan?

What plan does your doctor have to get you OFF the medication? Again, in rare cases, medications may be necessary, but it should be a temporary fix and there should ALWAYS be a plan to wean you off the medication and support the body so it gets what it needs to heal.


If you find that you are falling into one of the above traps and want to discuss a plan to help you support your body and give it what it needs so it can HEAL without the need for prescriptions, CLICK HERE pop yourself onto our calendar and we’ll chat.

Kirstin Carey

Kirstin Carey

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