Report: Recipes to increase fatigue and decrease mid-section weigh



Easy to make dishes to support energy levels and shrink your mid-section weight.

Fatigue and belly fat are the two most complained about symptoms we hear from our new clients. Food plays a giant role in supporting energy, stress, and the immune system - which all play a big part in the weight that centers in on your mid-section.

Check out the recipes listed below for delicious dishes that not only make your taste buds happy, they are also easy to prepare, and help protect you from illness.

And you'll probably notice that all of the recipes are free of grains, dairy, soy, gluten, corn, sugar, chemicals, and processed ingredients. 

Nourish Energy Boosting Recipes
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Nourish Recipe AIP Pancakes

When the body is inflammed or there is an autoimmune disease present such as Hashimoto's, Celiac Disease, Lupus, Alopecia, or psoriasis the immune system is confused and begins attacking itself. 

There are foods that will exacerbate symptoms and can even lead to the issues that cause the autoimmune disease to surface. 

Eliminating inflammatory foods such as wheat, dairy, and sugar will help the body manage the symptoms and could even help reverse the disease. 

Adding in foods that help reduce inflammation such as chia seeds which are high in Omega 3s, will help the body calm down and heal.  

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Nourish Recipe Detox Juice

The liver is responsible to help filter toxins from the body. When trying to manage any level of inflammation, you want to make sure to focus on supporting the liver. 

This juice contains ingredients that help support digestion (ginger) while also supporting the liver (beets, spinach, lemon, and celery) with a little bit of apple tossed in for a touch of sweetness. 

The ingredients in this juice will also help alkalize the body which gives it more power to manage illness and protect itself from getting sick. 

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Nourish recipe seaweed salad

Thyroid medication is #1 most prescribed medication in the country because there is an epidemic of thyroid damaging illness, stress, and foods. 

Therefore, is it smart to do everything you can do to protect this sensitive organ. One of the best ways to support the thyroid through food is to eat foods that contain iodine - like seaweed.

This salad is a delicious and easy way to add in the seaweed and bring a new dish into break the monotony of your regular recipes.  


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Nourish Recipes Pineapple Salsa

Proper digestion is one of the most important pieces to overall health and wellness. This salsa is a beneficial way to improving digestion and eliminating inflammation. 

Mint aids digestion and pineapple contains an enzyme called bromaline that helps break down foods. This enzyme is the reason that when some people eat pineapple, they often feel a tingling sensation in their mouths or on their lips. 

The other ingredients are helpful for overall health, too. 

  • Lime is beneficial in liver detoxification. 
  • Cilantro helps liberate heavy metals from the blood. 
  • Sea salt supports adrenal function.
  • Cucumber helps flush toxins from the body. 

This recipe is fantastic on top of fish, chicken, tacos, and duck!

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Nourish Recipe Butternut Beef Stew

I come from a long line of Irish decendents, so stew is in my blood. And there is something incredibly healing about stews and soups that cook for many hours, slowly simmering together all the flavors and nutrients into one amazing, warm, hug-of-a-meal. 

This wonderful stew contains lots of healing ingredients such as ginger, garlic, sage, and cinnamon which help support the immune system and blood sugar balance. While adding in delicious proteins from grass-fed beef, mushrooms, and butternut squash. 

This stew also makes brilliant use of healing grass-fed bone broth, which is light years more beneficial than just beef stock. Bone broth is made by simmering bones for several days to extract nutrients, minerals, collagen, and marrow that help heal the gut, repair tissue, and give an overall boost to the system. 

This dish is especially healing for O and B blood types. 

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Nourish Recipe Sweet Potato Apple Bake

This super simple sweet and savory dish is a winner for parties and dinner gatherings. It stores easily in the refrigerator and can be eaten hot or cold.

The coconut oil and coconut milk are beneficial to reduce inflammation and support brain function. 

Sea salt helps boost adrenal function, which supports energy levels, thyroid, cortisol, and hormones. 

Sweet potato and apple are both healthy and tasty carbohydrates. The added cinnamon will help level blood sugars and keep you full and balanced for hours. 

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Nourish Recipe Chia Seed Porridge

Chia seeds are a powerful way to incorporate healthy Omega 3s to increase your fighting power against inflammation. The only way to access the nutrients in the chia seed is to grind them or gel them in liquid like th porridge in this recipe.  

This recipe is a fantastic way to replace your oatmeal or cereal in the morning and reap all the benefits of the ingredients. 

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Kirsitn Carey Nourish Summit

Author: Kirstin Carey

Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Food Expert, and Owner of Nourish!

Kirstin Carey, Certified Holistic Nutritionist is the original “Freak at the Table.” She loves to enlighten people on the joys of food, health, and nutrition, and finding which foods work best for their bodies, their goals, and their lives!

After discovering she had Celiac Disease, leaky gut, and 23 food allergies, Kirstin’s threw everything she had into learning about true wellness through food and all her (seemingly) random health issues finally made sense!  

She closed her successful consulting company and opened Nourish™, a healthy cafe and wellness center that focuses on delicious dishes to help people optimize their mind, body, and soul.

Kirstin was able to eliminate her food allergies, healed her leaky gut, and reverse the sympoms of her autoimmune disease, she now no longer suffers from constant fatigue, migraines, mid-section weight gain, digestive distress, thyroid issues, joint pain, UTIs, acne, or hormone imbalance.  

Though all of symptoms listed above are common symptoms experienced by many people... but they are not nomal and are indicators that the body is in trouble is begging for help.  

Kirstin wants you to understand how cruical it is to find wellness, so you know what heath feels like - and no longer buy into the belief that how you feel is how it's "supposed to" be.


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