Meet the Nourish team

The Nourish Team uses a proven system to reverse symptoms and heal from the damage of Autoimmune disease.

Kirstin Carey, CHN, NLPP

Kirstin Carey is the original “Freak at the Table.” She loves to enlighten people on the joys of food, health, and nutrition, and finding which foods work best for their bodies, their goals, and their lives! After discovering she had food allergies and Celiac Disease, Kirstin’s threw everything she had into learning about true wellness through food and all her (seemingly) random health issues finally made sense! She closed her successful consulting company and opened Nourish™, a gluten-free soy-free restaurant that focuses on delicious dishes to help people optimize their mind, body, and soul. When she’s not working with food, speaking to groups about holistic nutrition and health, or managing Nourish™, you can usually find Kirstin with her dogs Holly, Olive, and Roxy or with her husband, Anthony.

Anthony DiNobile, BCHN, CPT, CNM

Anthony DiNobile is a competitive vegan bodybuilder loves to work with people on total wellness. Quite the master in the kitchen as well as an expert in labs and supplements, Anthony has created many of his own recipes to help vegan body builders maximize their calories and increase their protein intake without animal protein. He works with his vegan and non vegan clients to find the best food choices for their specific needs and goals and will also couple this with the perfect workout to round out their needs. In his off hours, you’ll find Anthony riding his Ducati 996 or hanging with canine pack: Holly, Olive, Roxy and Vera or wife Kirstin, also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Nourish™.

Briana Boldin, RYT

Briana works on the back end to help support the Nourish team with their work and the Nourish Member community with any questions they have or tech issues they encounter. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and plant-based chef, and shares the Nourish team’s passion for healing after overcoming her own issues with chronic pain and autoimmune illness.


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