Meal Plan Program

What happens when you combine the wellness knowledge of certified holistic nutritionists and the cooking skills of professional chefs? 

You get the Nourish Personalized Meal Plan Program!

This program was designed to give people easy and delicious nutritionally balanced meals without the high cost of a private chef.

We combined holistic nutrition, clean, whole food, organic ingredients, and professionally designed recipes to give you an affordable and convenient way to get healthy.

Meals are always free from gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, shellfish, and nonsense.



Five easy steps:

1 – Choose what type of foods you prefer and list your restrictions.

Example of Type: Paleo, plant-based, Pescatarian, Autoimmune Protocol, etc.

Example of Restrictions: No tomato, no onion, no red meat, no eggs, salads only 3 days a week….

2 – Choose how many breakfasts, entrees, snacks, and/or desserts you want each week.

3 – Choose how many pick ups or deliveries you want each week.

4 – Choose what days/times you prefer deliveries or pick ups each week.

5 – Choose weekly or monthly payments.

It’s that easy.



All meals fit the Nourish philosophy of food and nutrition with intention and are marked for vegan, Paleo, raw, nuts, corn, and eggs.

Nearly everything is made in house right down to the nutmilks, so we have ultimate control over ingredients and potential allergens.

Meals are always free from gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, shellfish, processed sugars, and nonsense.

Beef is 100% grass-finished, and local. Fish is wild and sustainable. Chicken is antibiotic free. Bacon is free of nitrates and nitrites.

Produce is local and organic whenever possible based on availability and seasonality, which may mean some ingredients may have to be substituted without notice.



Imagine how amazing you would feel if you ate meals tailored to your needs and preferences by professional nutritionists and chefs.

Kirstin Carey

  • You would eat exactly what your body was meant to eat. No more guessing or confusion.
  • You would enjoy eating and not feel bad afterwards.
  • You would avoid wasted energy on figuring out what to buy, what to make, how much to cook, and when to eat.
  • You would spend your time healing and feeling good.

Meals Pricing:
Weekly Payments – 8.99 (Breakfast) – 12.99 (Entree) – 6.99 (Snacks) – 5.99 (Desserts) / each
Monthly Payments – 7.99 (Breakfast) – 11.99 (Entree) – 5.99 (Snacks) – 4.99 (Desserts) /each



Email us or give us a call to get started.  (623) 414-2352


For how long are meals good?
Dishes are made and packaged fresh. Some dishes can be frozen at home to extend shelf life. Meals are not made with preservatives, so it is recommended they be eaten within three (3) days of scheduled pick up date to ensure quality and safety.

What allergens or unhealthy ingredients are in my meals?
We constantly read ingredients, stay on top of vendors, and keep meals as clean and whole as possible. Meals are: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, and Soy Free, and contain no artificial sweeteners, processed sugars, preservatives, GMOs, or nonsense. Meals are marked accordingly for any additional standard allergens such as corn, nuts, and eggs.

How do I get my meals?
Meals can be picked up any time after scheduled time as long as Nourish is open. There are also local delivery options available.

Will I lose weight?
All plans are designed to help maximize wellness for each individual, which usually leads to the individual finding their own healthy weight. If weight loss is your main goal, it is recommended you work with a Nourish nutritionist so you find the most effective plan to find your healthiest weight and keep it off.

Why isn’t the caloric, fat, protein, sugar, and carbohydrate content listed for meals?
Our philosophy is that the standard food label is actually more detrimental to good health and true wellness than it is helpful. We believe that this information is often grossly misleading so companies can sell customers products which aren’t healthy. By focusing on clean whole ingredients, rather than pieces of information taken out of context, you will begin to discover true health. Not all calories, fats, proteins, sugars, and carbohydrates are considered equal. These numbers only tell a small part of the tale. Manipulating labels is how many food manufacturers trick people into thinking their produce is healthy. Take our challenge and give up the standard label and learn how to find what’s important in your journey to wellness!

What happens if I meet with a Nourish Holistic Nutritionist?
After assessing your personalized nutrition intake form, your Nourish Nutritionist will meet with you to review your information, discuss your needs, preferences, and goals. A plan of action will be recommended and together you will agree on a plan of action so you reach your health and wellness goals. Your Nourish Holistic Nutritionist will then work directly with the Nourish Meal Plan Chefs to create your personalized meal plan. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your delicious meals! Your Nourish Nutritionist will follow up with you to make sure your plan is working for you.