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Nourish cooking classes are based on our philosophies about cooking, food choices, and healthy living through nutrition.

These classes are designed to teach more than just how to make a dish, they are also designed to help you determine which cooking methods, food choices, and particular diet will work best for you. You will walk away from each class with more than just a new recipe. You will gain knowledge that will help lead you down the most nutritious path for you.

You will also learn techniques, tips, and tricks that will allow you to be a better cook, make informed food choices, and give you the knowledge to fully nourish yourself.

Cook Better

  • Techniques
  • Recipes
  • Skills

Choose Better

  • Understand specific foods
  • Discover the right diet choice
  • Make food work for you

Nourish Better

  • Learn what your body needs
  • Discover foods right for you
  • Understand how to be healthy

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