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Celiac Testing: Does it Matter?

celiac test

A frequent Nourish customer called to ask this question today: “I’ve been off gluten for awhile now and am feeling better but my GI doc wants me to do the Celiac test. What do you think? Does it matter?” I have a strong opinion about this one. Doctors love their tests, results, and diagnosis. It […]

Recipe: Raw Almond Yogurt

raw almond yogurt

This Raw Almond Yogurt recipe is awesome for those on raw diets, vegans, vegetarians, or lactose intolerant. It’s simple, easy, and surprisingly delicious! I love eating this dish for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Yum!

Detoxing symptoms: Confusion over negative reactions

Last night, I went to dinner with a friend who has had digestive problems for years. Several weeks ago she received the results of a food allergy test which indicated that she had extreme sensitivities to gluten, dairy, and eggs. I was excited for her because I saw the results as a window to her […]

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