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Learn to Listen to Your Body

listen to your body

If your body is making noises (rumbling, grumbling, bubbling, gas, burping, etc.) or otherwise presenting with negative signs it’s trying to tell you something. The following 7 items will help you learn to communicate better with your body.

Confessions of a Food Allergy Sufferer


It feels like a long, long journey back to health when you have food allergies or Celiac’s Disease. Lucky me: I have both. It doesn’t seem fair. And it’s hard. Customers come into the restaurant and tell me their stories. We compare food allergy lists. I smile and give them hope.

Why Food Rotation Diets Are Crucial

rotation diet assistant

Many of us, when we discover food allergies or intolerance, we remove those foods from our diet and find foods that are “safe.” Then, through convenience or comfort, we fall into a pattern of eating the safe foods over and over. Sometimes, we’ll eat some of the exact same foods many times in the same […]

L-Glutamine, Gut Repair, and Celiac’s Disease


L-Glutamine is an amino acid usually absorbed though the lining of your digestive system after properly breaking down food. For people with Celiac’s and other gut damaging problems, there is often a deficiency in one, several, or all the amino acids.

Why Celiac’s Disease and Leaky Gut Lead to Food Allergies

celiac diagram

Celiac’s Disease and gut damage compromise your digestive system. Your digestive system has two essential jobs: 1) To break down the food you eat into tiny particles which can be absorbed through the cell wall that lines your intestinal tract. 2) To stay healthy and not let anything leak out of it before it’s been […]

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