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A frequent Nourish customer called to ask this question today: “I’ve been off gluten for awhile now and am feeling better but my GI doc wants me to do the Celiac test. What do you think? Does it matter?”

I have a strong opinion about this one. Doctors love their tests, results, and diagnosis. It makes sense for them. It’s what they do. However, I see no reason to put yourself through an invasive test (biopsy) to come up with an “official diagnosis” with a test which can produce false negatives for various reasons. (more…)

This Raw Almond Yogurt recipe is awesome for those on raw diets, vegans, vegetarians, or lactose intolerant. It’s simple, easy, and surprisingly delicious!

I love eating this dish for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Yum!


Last night, I went to dinner with a friend who has had digestive problems for years. Several weeks ago she received the results of a food allergy test which indicated that she had extreme sensitivities to gluten, dairy, and eggs. I was excited for her because I saw the results as a window to her feeling better because she knew what was causing her digestive issues. She was devastated because she couldn’t imagine giving up the foods. (more…)